SAAC to host student athlete only banquet

Trinity University has 18 varsity sports teams. About 1/3 of the students at Trinity are athletes””yet these very students do not know about the accomplishments of other teams. Athletes at Trinity are all very dedicated to their own sport, but there is only a small amount of awareness about how other sports are doing.

This year the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is taking steps to change this. SAAC is made up of one athlete representative from each team. SAAC meets two to three times a month to discuss student athlete- related issues such as the time block and events like Black Out Breast Cancer.

Most recently, we decided to plan a Student Athlete Banquet to encourage unity among the sports. With the help of members of the Athletic Department, Bob King, Aly Hazelwood and Stacey Lenderman, we’ve planned a dinner and awards ceremony that will honor the athletes. The banquet is scheduled for 7p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, in Sam’s Gym.

The awards are both for individuals and teams. They range from serious “” Senior of the Year, Best GPA and Best Comeback Team to funny “”Best Hair Cut, Best Mustaches, just to name a few. The awards will be presented by SAAC members. The MC for the night is basketball player, Joe Shotland.

Every athlete is encouraged to come because every team will be honored in some way at this event.

SAAC are hoping that the Student Athlete Banquet will turn into an annual event and that every athlete will leave knowing a little bit more about the students that also represent their school on the playing field.

Jackie Newell is a junior majoring in chemistry, a cross country team member and a part of SAAC