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Netflix offers fun cartoons for nostalgia, procrastinating

It’s that time of year again! The time when the fun events on your calendar are replaced with finals, group meetings, paper writing sessions and inevitable procrastination. While wasting time comes in all forms, the best type is when you do not have to actually spend money on it, you do not have to leave your room and do not have to change out of your cozy sweatpants. This could apply to reading for fun, which sounds pretty oxymoronic after reading hundreds of pages for school. So, this leaves Netflix.

The ultimate time-sucker has found a way to make you even more unproductive (I know this sounds impossible) by teaming up with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. So here are the best animated series now available that will let you walk down memory lane or at least help you pretend you’re a child with no worries and responsibilities, even if it is for 30 precious minutes at a time.

The Powerpuff Girls

The adventures of these perfect little girls who were created with “chemical x” were a large part of my peers and my childhoods. And with the ingredients that every good cartoon needs, how could it not have been?

Every person could identify with one of the main characters: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Then the villains ranged from the absolutely adorable (Mojo Jojo) to the genuinely scary (HIM). Also, the girls underwent everyday problems like loose teeth and sibling rivalry that my eight-year-old self could relate to. And fun fact: the series won two Emmys, which affirms that this is one of the best series ever.

Hey Arnold!

This show probably has some of the most unforgettable characters. Who could ever forget the football-headed everyman, Arnold?  The only things as unforgettable as the characters are the lessons that I learned from this show.

For example, if you ever want to avoid a fight, pretend that you are mentally deranged. Another good one was taught to me by my best friend Marcy in first grade. She told me that since Helga is mean to Arnold all the time, I should be mean to a boy when I like him. So I broke my crush Kevin’s pencil and, instead of revealing his love for me, he cried. And from that point on, I learned that I should not be mean to boys that I like “” thank you, “˜Hey Arnold’!

Adventure Time

I am going to say what everyone is thinking: this is the best show ever! It’s about Finn, a 14-year-old human boy and his best friend Jake, a magical dog. The plot is about their adventures (hence, the name) in the Land of Ooo, which is inhabited by a vampire queen, an ice king, a peppermint, a robot, a cinnamon bun and so many more animated friends. Not only is it cute, but the plots are just so intriguing.

As legal adults, my friends and I frequently choose to watch this instead of actually going out to do adult things. We figure that growing up is extremely overrated at this point.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter is a boy genius who mysteriously has a Russian accent and a laboratory under his bedroom. However, he is plagued by his sister, Dee Dee, who weirdly does not have a Russian accent and is constantly asking him “Oooooh, what does this button do?” and does not wait for an answer before proceeding to destroy his inventions. But there’s a plot twist: Dexter’s other antagonist is his classmate, Mandark, who is in love with Dee Dee. I know “” shivers, right?

It is the perfect synthesis of science, love and surprise. Also, there’s an episode where he makes a talking dog. You know, the important stuff.

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