Staff Editorial: Hallelujah, the tacos have arrived


“Lap Dogs” by Sarah Fulton

"Lap Dogs" by Sarah Fulton
“Lap Dogs” by Sarah Fulton

College dining ranks as one of the most complained about topics on our campus, and criticizing Mabee seems to be as much a Trinity pastime as partying at Bays or climbing the Murchison Tower, but just this once, we ask students to agree to a temporary truce. Because today will forever be remembered as the day Taco Taco Café came to Trinity (see “Taco Taco Café to open on-campus location,” Page 1).

If you didn’t just hear the voices of angels and the “Hallelujah” chorus descending from the heavens above, you really need to get out more, or at least get your butt to the corner of Hildebrand and McCullough to sample Tex-Mex done right.

As Dean Tuttle points out in this week’s front-page article, students are quick to criticize ARAMARK. But we hope students will take the time today, and every day beginning next fall that they enjoy a mouthwatering bean and cheese taco from the neighborhood taqueria in the comfort of Coates, and appreciate those who made this dream a reality. That means Dean Tuttle, Miguel Ardid, Helen Velesiotis and ARAMARK representatives. They deserve our humble thanks, and maybe a hug, depending on your level of excitement.

Let this victory also serve as a reminder for the many things we have to be thankful for every day, despite our occasional griping. According to national statistics and our man, Brian Hirsch, director of career services, things are lookin’ up for about-to-be college grads in need of some major employment (see “Students seek jobs as job market gains momentum,” Page 4).  The San Antonio equivalent of Mardi Gras, Fiesta, begins this week (see Paul Cuclis’ “Fiesta Guide,” Page 17), and, on a more somber note, Americans have, once again, proven that our spirit cannot be broken and that we only grow stronger in times of crisis and the face of terrorism to support one another (see “Alumna runs Boston,” Page 21).

Finally, in tune with the end of Trinity’s first ever Mental Health Awareness Week, sponsored by the Trinity Progressives and other on-campus organizations, we hope  you’ve come to recognize in the past week that there are so many positive aspects to this community and this world that we live in. Have a great Friday, Trinity, and see you at Taco Taco.