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Tips for meeting new people in new places

When I talk to my friends who are graduating about their post-college plans, I hear time and time again about how they are scared to move to a new city where they do not know anyone. I understand this, because it is a trepidation that I once shared with them, but I overcame it when I was studying abroad and moved to a region where I did not know a single soul.

Yes, it was frightening. It was also thrilling, because I was constantly out of my comfort zone “” and isn’t that where most adventures start, outside of your comfort zone? Here are some tips so you too can get outside of that zone:

1) Have someone hook you up

Chances are you may actually know someone in your new city; you just have to think. It may be an acquaintance, but those people are potential friends. And if no one comes to mind, get the word out to your immediate network about your plans to move and ask them for help. Have them connect you to people they know in that city. While studying abroad, my advisor told me about another girl who would also be researching in that region, so I awkwardly messaged her on Facebook. We instantly clicked, and now I consider her a good friend.

2) Go out

One of the greatest things about moving out of your house is the opportunity to choose your own family. Join a book club, volunteer, connect with your friends at work and start conversations with random strangers. I personally have never used the Internet for these purposes, but I know people who have been successful with it. Try CouchSurfing or similar websites. Or you may want to take a page from “Craigslist Joe” and try using Craigslist.

3) Become comfortable being by yourself

With the previous point made, you also need to learn how to enjoy being by yourself since you should not expect to be going out all the time. You can cook the food you like, watch the movies you want and rock Risky Business attire at all times if you so choose. You will never have this freedom again if you plan to settle down and have a family eventually. Revel in it by sometimes choosing to stay in, curled up on your couch with a good book.

Use this time for self-discovery, learn to be independent and try new things.

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