Tigers fall to SA Scorpions in scrimmage, 4-1

Tigers fall to SA Scorpions in scrimmage, 4-1

The Trinity men’s soccer team played the San Antonio Scorpions, a local professional team, in a preseason scrimmage Monday evening in which they lost 4-1.

Even with the loss, the Tigers kept up with the fast, aggressive pace of the Scorpions during the majority of the game.

“The pace of the game was a lot faster than we’re used to,” said senior midfielder Darren McAfee. “Anytime you play a professional team, you know they’re going to be really good technically and physically, which meant we had to pass and move really quickly and really cleanly. I think there were a lot of times when we made mistakes, and against a team like the Scorpions…they really made us pay for them. We got spread defensively a few times, but other than that I thought we put up a good fight.”

The Trinity men were first to score with a goal from junior center-back Simon Uribe within the first six minutes of the game with a volley off a corner from senior forward Yuri Ribeiro.

“We started extremely well, scoring first. We were fearless. We attacked well and we defended well,” said assistant coach Chesley Farmer. “Ultimately, our downfall was our fitness””the fact that it is still our preseason and they are deep into their season. They were in much better condition, and it showed. We were not at the level to compete with them for 90 minutes.”

Both Trinity and the Scorpions used this scrimmage as a means to prepare for their next games, Trinity against Luther College today and the Scorpions against Minnesota United FC tomorrow.

“We can learn a lot from the Scorpions,” McAfee said. “All their players are at a very high level. Technically, they’re brilliant. They made very few mistakes. And tactically everything they did had a purpose and I think if we can make our team a little bit more like that, then we’re going to go a really long way this year.”

Two notable Trinity alumni, Kyle Altman (’07) and Zach Garcia (’11), both played for the San Antonio Scorpions. In 2008, Altman was drafted by the New England Revolution, but ultimately ended up playing for the Minnesota Thunder. Altman has returned to San Antonio to play for the Scorpions, but is only playing home games, as he is now attending medical school. Garcia plays for the Austin Aztex and recently helped his team win the division championship.

Garcia reminisced about returning to play his alma mater on their home field.

“I have so many memories on this field, so to be able to create one more was a blessing in my eyes,” Garcia said. ” I have a ton of respect for the school. It’s a good atmosphere and I know the level of Trinity; it was great competition.”

The Tigers will take on Luther College at 5 p.m. today on Paul McGinlay Soccer Field.