Career services updates model to help student job search

Career services will expanding by adding two more staff members and more programs for students to look for future opportunities in the job force.

Career services has updated their model to accommodate students that are looking for internships and jobs.

“The one thing to distinguish between what we do and what was the old model of career services is that we don’t do placement. There is good and bad with that. The good is the students are learning how to take charge of their own internship process with the internship resources, contacts, alumni and employers we put them in contact with,” said Twyla Hough, director of career services.

In coordination with ResLife, career services will be presenting to sophomores at 8 p.m. Wednesday about choosing a major.

“That program is through ResLife they are coordinating it; they just invited us to participate as a speaker to talk to the students about the process of exploring majors and trying to figure out what they might want to declare in the spring,” Hough said.

There are multiple changes and updates that career service is going through, including adding two new members to staff.

“Our staff is growing. We are filling two positions that were previously part of the career services team. We have two new positions we will be filling, so we will have more staff for students. We will be able to divide out responsibilities better,” Hough said.

In addition to the programs they have now, career services is working on many different initiatives, including one that will be with the school of business.

“We are looking to collaborate with the school of business. One of our advisors will be working pretty closely with the school of business. Our other advisors will be working in other areas, including science, technology, engineering and math. The other ones will be arts and the humanities, and the other would be social sciences,” Hough said.

 Hough stresses the importance of going to career services early. Hough said even for first years it will help them with exploration and defining the rest of their four years.

There has also been a employer advisory board project that career services has been working on with different companies.

“One thing that we are excited to put energy into is an employer advisory board. We would have some companies that we have developed relationships with or who are big players in the community or who have hired Trinity grads, just so we can develop a more formal relationship with them, so we can provide them with things that are happening at Trinity and also to learn more about what they’re specifically looking for in students,” said Ashley McTaggart, career advisor.

Students at Trinity have been utilizing career services especially as they get closer to graduating.

“It’s been pretty helpful since I am a senior and I will hopefully be getting a job after graduation. It’s a lot of stuff you wouldn’t think about like how to put your resume together and networking. They teach you how to do that sort of thing. The earlier you get stuff done the easier it’s going to be your senior year,” said senior Erin Rand.