Editorial: Cheers, January

The bummer about only having 150 words to reflect on this week’s happenings is that a lot has happened and is happening. This Trinitonian is chock full of excellent articles you should check out (not that that’s unusual). Are you a fan of the San Antonio Zoo? It’s celebrating its 100th birthday. Like football? We’ve got predictions to appease both Broncos and Seahawks fans. Are you a libertarian? A new club was founded so that your political beliefs are represented on campus. Interested in the final curriculum vote taking place this afternoon? We talked to seven professors about their views on the issue. Do you think our opinion section has always lacked an international perspective? We have a new opinion columnist who’s British! Basically, this issue has something for you. It’s big (actually, it’s normal-size), it’s bold (well, most of the font is regular, and we only have a flat of color), and it’s beautiful (this statement is inarguable). Live it and love it.

Happy almost February, and merry Greek Christmas, y’all.