The Denver Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII

Let me just preface this column by proudly proclaiming a few things/ providing you with some reasons to cheer on the Broncos this Sunday:

1. I LOVE Peyton Manning and I have an unwavering obsession.

2. Head Coach John Fox(y) is an adorable silver fox.

3. The Broncos are a very likeable team (I know you all saw that Buzzfeed article).

4. Richard Sherman.

5. Champ Bailey is this year’s Ray Lewis, except way more likeable.

6. 2013 Broncos > 2007 Patriots

Now that that’s out of the way””time to make a logical (but admittedly rooted in bias) argument.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of the Broncos’ record-breaking season. It has been dubbed the “greatest offensive season in NFL history” and has nothing against Seattle’s infamous “12th Man,” but I think a record-setting offense will come in a little more handy at a neutral site than record-breaking decibel levels.

Speaking of handy””how about those Broncos receivers? Welker, Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas.  Richard Sherman may think he’s “the best corner in the league,” but he will need to clone himself in order to stop all the weapons in Peyton’s arsenal.

The best defense is a good offense, after all, and Denver’s is beyond good. The O-line is instrumental and on point, the run game is solid with Montee Ball back on his game and Knowshon Moreno healthy, and there is plenty of depth in terms of receivers and tight ends.

Despite Seattle’s ranking as a top defense, I’m not worried about the Broncos’ powerhouse offense. I mean, remember before the first Chiefs-Broncos game when the big storyline was that Denver hadn’t played a solid defense? And then they beat the Chiefs TWICE in three weeks? Yeah, so much for all that hype (rant over).

Sure, Seattle will come prepared, but Peyton Manning is practically the king of game prep. He will have an answer for whatever the Seattle D throws at him””much like in the Chargers and Patriots playoff games (A.K.A. the Broncos’ Revenge Tour).

I’ll be honest””I was a little worried about the Broncos defense at times this year. But they have really stepped it up. Jack Del Rio (with that perfect hair) has figured out a way to make it work despite injuries and position changes. They have proved themselves in the last few weeks. If I haven’t made it clear yet, I’m no Brady fan, but I’ll admit the guy is good and the Bronco’s D definitely had him flustered in the AFC Championship Game. Oh, and how can anyone forget the Philip Rivers hissy fits?

People keep saying “the Broncos haven’t played good defense like Seattle,” and goodness is that getting old. But instead of groaning, I’ll counter: “The Seahawks haven’t played THIS offense.”

I can’t finish my argument without touching on the significance of this game in terms of the NFL quarterback.  For a while, I thought the “old vs new,” “traditional vs. mobile”,  “young vs. old” storylines were overdone. But this game truly is a battle of style.  In my own biased opinion, I believe the older, wiser, more traditional quarterback will come out on top. THIS IS PEYTON’S YEAR. Sorry, Russell Wilson, but your time will come.

May the best MAN(ning) win.

Megan Julian, ’13, served as sports editor and managing editor of the Trinitonian. She is a die-hard Broncos fan currently living in Dallas and working on non-profit marketing and events.