Editorial: Cocoa, cribs and clement weather

After a week of emotional highs and lows, the Trinity community has reached a point of calm. The upcoming weeks are an important time in our school’s history. We have seen an outpouring of concern and input from students, faculty, staff and alumni concerning our sexual assault policy. Despite the disparity between opinions, one thing is certain: everyone wants to see change and growth. The upcoming weeks will prove just how committed all sides of this issue are to improving the policy.

In the realm of less serious campus goings-on, there are two things we’d like to bring to your attention. First, today is Valentine’s Day. What’s great about Valentine’s Day is that, while it’s the day of love, you don’t have to be in a committed relationship to celebrate. Lots of people like stuffed chocolates, gourmet meals, tear jerkers, romantic comedies, hugs and cute cards. None of these things are mutually exclusive with having a steady partner. So don’t let the man get you down, singletons. Enjoy the day! Love yourself!

Second, this week’s newspaper contains our annual housing guide. The housing guide provides a slew of useful information for students who are getting ready to make the big move off campus as well as those who have another couple of years on dorm duty. Check it out!

In conclusion, enjoy the warmth this weekend. Don’t get bogged down because classes are truly in swing and the first round of your assignments are due. San Antonio is blooming! There’s a chocolate festival on the Esplanade this afternoon! There are sweet houses up for grabs in the surrounding neighborhoods! The United States is doing pretty great in the Olympics! It’s an exciting time, and everyone can enjoy it.