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ResLife continues to subsidize Trinity Night at the Spurs

Spurs tickets are now on sale at the Winn-Witt Center for the upcoming Spurs vs Mavericks game. The game will take place at the AT&T Center.

Residential Life is responsible for organizing Trinity Spurs Night every semester. For each game, Trinity sells tickets on campus for a discounted price of $10. Residential Life uses money from their funding to pay the difference between the discounted price and the cost at the door.

Residential Life started sales with 200 tickets and has sold approximately half of that number.

Senior secretary Cecily Cassidy said that, at this point, sales are comparable to past years.

“We have sold about 100 tickets and we are comfortable with that number right now,” Cassidy said. “In past years we have sold out, but we’re not quite there yet.”

The event attempts to emerge students in San Antonio culture and fun.

“The goal of the event is to make it affordable for students so that students can have fun without killing their pocket book,” said Lisa Chapa, residential life housing assignments coordinator.

In addition to subsidizing the cost of the tickets,Trinity will also provide a bus for transportation for the first time in several years.

“There used to be a bus that would transport students to and from the game, but the bus would often get chaotic and we weren’t able to fit it into the budget, but this semester we thought we would try and see what kind of interest there is,” Chapa said.

Cassidy said that the bus will be taking students to and from the AT&T Center and will depart Trinity from the William H. Bell Center.

“At this point, the bus is not full,” Cassidy said. “Students can still sign up for this free service.”

Residential Life chooses one game every semester that will spark as much student interest as possible. They typically aim to schedule a game where the Spurs play another Texas team from either Houston or Dallas, since many Trinity students are from those areas.

“We think it would be fun for students to be able to watch their home team even when they’re not at home,” Chapa said.

The event is also organized in consideration of students’ academic commitments so that all students who are interested in going can find time.

“We try to find a time when students don’t have midterms or finals or during a real busy time and then see which games have the higher interest,” said Chapa.

The Trinity Spurs Night was initially started by David Tuttle, dean of students and vice president of student affairs, when he was the director of residential life, before becoming the dean of students. Trinity has sold tickets to a Spurs game each semester since then.

“I’ve been here thirteen years and the Trinity Spurs Night has been going on since probably before then,” said Chapa.

First-year political science major Hanna Niner said that she is torn between the two teams because she was raised in the Dallas area.

“I moved from San Antonio to Dallas when I was younger, so I always felt conflicted on which team to cheer for,” Niner said. “Even though the Mavs are a great team, I personally enjoy going to Spurs games, especially with Trinity, because San Antonians truly love their basketball team.”

Niner said that she also attends Spurs games to watch her favorite power forward, Tim Duncan.

“All I can say is that I hope Tim Duncan has a few more years in him to get me through the next four years of college,” Niner said.

The Spurs are currently ranked 1st in the Southwest Division and the Mavericks are ranked third.

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