Student Government Association Updates

At the Feb. 18 SGA meeting, President Evan Lewis introduced the meeting by asking for senators who would be willing to partner with the campus Sexual Assault Committee. Three senators volunteered. At the end of the meeting, a weekly bulletin that would be put out by the SGA was discussed to further allow students to understand what goes on at their meetings.

There was also discussion about potentially funding a portion of the costs for a representative from the organization that helped the university write its sexual assault policy to come to campus.

Additionally, the SGA considered several funding requests this session. The following requests were considered:

The Chinese Cultural Club requested funding for a calligraphy teaching program they intend to set up in the Coates University Center in order to promote interest in their group, as well as to fund a contest between students which will be judged by professors in the foreign language department. The request was approved in full.

The Trinity Review requested funding to pay for items at the Love Poem Contest and their planned release party for this year’s edition of the review. Their request was funded in part.

A group of students going on the Alternative Spring Break trip requested funding for backpacks for their trip, and funding was given in full.

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee requested funding to attend the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference, which will include an ad in the Trinitonian. Their funding request was approved in full.

The International Club had two requests, one of which was to fund a table in Coates University Center with the name, “˜What Drink Is This?’ that would help the club sell tickets for the international banquet. Their first request to fund the table was funded in full, but their second request has been tabled by the association due to lack of clear information regarding costs.