TUPD strikes partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving

On Monday March 3 outside of the Witt Center, the Trinity University Police Department (TUPD) along with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) hosted an annual Spring Break/Alcohol Awareness Safety Tips event to promote safe drinking practices.

“We are trying to get students over and get them information and safety tips on drinking, driving and staying safe,” said Sylvia Villarreal, TUPD communications supervisor. “We want you to have fun, but at the same time just be careful. We are giving out pamphlets, talking about drinking and what’s normal what’s not”¦ We did this every year right before spring break, giving out hot dogs and popcorn and try to support students on campus.”

As part of the awareness campaign members of MADD were also invited by TUPD to distribute information about underage drinking and driving under the influence.

“We go to different campuses and have multiple health fairs that we attend, so if we are invited to any school functions we are definitely there,” said Rebecca Cantu-Aguilar ““ Victims Services Specialist for MADD. “We are trying to tell students not to drink and drive, especially when it comes to underage drinking, if you aren’t of legal age, please don’t do it. But mostly if they are with anyone who is drunk, please have a designated driver who is of legal age.”

 According to Cantu-Aguilar, MADD will be returning this April to help the university host a community fair and continue their outreach to college students. The annual pre-spring break program featured popcorn, hot dogs and beverages free for students and passers-by, as well as the “drunk goggles” and other educational material.

“I like it. I’ve been talking to [Officer] Luis there and he has been with me since the international thing we had on the first week, and they are always around the campus promoting things like this,” said Chin May, first year international student. “He always invites me and there’s free popcorn. It’s real nice that they have the TUPD awareness every once in a while so that we are aware of everything. [The drunk goggles] are also a great thing to promote the anti-over-drinking campaign. I don’t drink, but this is a nice experience.”