Softball goes 3-1 over weekend play

The softball team went 3-1 last weekend, April 4-5, versus Centenary College in Shreveport, La. The Tigers lost their first game 2-3, after Centenary scored three in the third inning and the Tigers were unable to make a comeback. The next game on the same day, April 4, the team pulled out an impressive 18-6 win over the Ladies. On Saturday, April 5, the Tigers won both their games with a score of 10-2 in the first one and 8-0 in the final game of the series.

“As a whole, the team looked strong hitting. Our bats came around and we scored a lot of runs. We were hitting the ball a lot better. We looked comfortable in the box,” said first-year Katie Glomb.

Sophomore Kaci Wellik adds, “Our last three games were really solid. We played well. They were really good games. Our defense is solid right now, and in the last three games everything was really good. We hit a lot and had 28 singles in three games so we are moving runners around and scoring.”

So far the Tigers are happy with the results of their season, but feel they have not played up to their full potential.

“Overall our season is going well, we are second in conference right now, we had a few games we should have won and those were disappointing. It’s a little less than expected but we are still on track to finish well in conference,” Wellik said.

Head coach Brandi Crnkovic elaborates, “We have been up and down all season, some games our offense shows up and our defense has let us down and other games when our defense has been solid our hitting has let us down. We are hoping to bring everything together at the right time and just watch the girls play to the best of their abilities.”

With only two weekends of regular play left, the season is winding down for the Tigers and there are still a few things they want to work on as they head into conference and potentially into playoffs.

Next up, the Tigers play a four game series against Schreiner University at home, April 12-13.