Haugen Profile

Greg Haugen, men’s tennis

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Major: Business administration and economics

What was the highlight moment of your athletic career at Trinity?

One moment, or I guess four, really would be winning conference four years in a row. Before I got to Trinity, there was a lot of hype about winning conference, as we had lost in the finals three years in a row. We’ve turned around our entire team in that sense and have gone five years straight for winning conference.

Which match was the most heated/intense?

One of the most heated matches of the year was when we played Whitman on their home courts in Walla Walla, Wash. As you can imagine, it gets pretty cold up there, and the weather forced us to play on the indoor courts. Playing indoors changes things: the ball skids on the courts, things get exponentially louder since every sound reverberates off the walls, and the confined space makes you feel like you’re caged in. The Whitman team had tons of their fans show up and we had a measly three people to cheer us on. The atmosphere was electric that day, since Whitman knew they would have to play extremely well to beat us. Their fans added to the crazy environment by taunting us and heckling us, which usually never happens in tennis. We had to come up big, but we got the win that day and were able to shut up the Whitman fans.

What is your favorite tradition that your team had?

Every year that we win conference, two guys on the team find the nearest Gatorade jug (usually filled with water) and dump it on our coach when he is least expecting it. It’s our way of saying thank you for coaching us through the win.

What other organizations were you a part of at Trinity?

I was the Bell Center Facility Manager for two years, in the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity since freshman year, and in the Student Managed Fund for one year.

What is a memorable non-athletic memorable moment of your time at Trinity as a student?

I’ll never forget the time I was flung into the fountain on my birthday. It was quite cold, as my birthday is in November, but it is a Trinity tradition that I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of.