Jones Profile

Von’Darrick Jones

Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Major: Economics

Position: Cornerback (#1)

Hobbies: Football, basketball, working out, collecting sneakers, dancing.

What is a highlight moment of your athletic career at Trinity?

My favorite moment as a Trinity athlete was sophomore year when we won conference at home. We had just come off a really bad year of 4-6 and came back the next year and everyone doubted us, and we went undefeated and were ranked top 10 in the country, so it was a really great feeling.

Which game was the most heated/intense and why?

I would have to say our biggest rivalry is when we play Texas Lutheran University. TLU always gives us their best game, no matter what the record is. They could be 0-10 or 10-0 and no matter what, they always come out strong. It’s always a heated game, especially due to the fact that we recruit the same people. Everyone always wants to beat TLU and TLU always wants to beat us.

What is your favorite or funniest tradition that your team had?

We always did our pregame chant; it really got the energy of the team up and was a great way to start our games.

What other organizations were you a part of at Trinity?

I’m an intramural supervisor and programming assistant. I do a lot of the scheduling for IMs.