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The Student News Site of Trinity University


The Student News Site of Trinity University


Defining Trinity

Trinity Seal: There are two types of students on campus: those who trample the Trinity seal outside of Northrup daily with absolutely no respect, and those who avoid stepping on it like the plague. Only the cautious should plan on graduating in four years””if you believe in superstitions like that, of course.

Thursbays: A term that combines Bombay Bicycle Club’s nickname (“Bay’s”) and the day of the week on which it is most frequented by Trinity students. If you want cheap drinks, a bar you can walk home from, and even more quality time with your fellow students, Bay’s is the place to be on a Thursday night.

Bonus Bucks: In addition to Mabee swipes, each meal plan comes with a set number of Bonus Bucks that can be used at the other dining areas, such as Coates University Center or Java City. Most first years tend to run out of their precious Bonus Bucks fairly early in the semester, so use them wisely!

Tigerbucks: Unlike Bonus Bucks, Tigerbucks can be added to your Tiger Card through one of the stations around campus or online. Tigerbucks can be used at campus printers, laundry machines and all dining areas. Some off-campus restaurants even accept Tigerbucks!

Club Lib: Formally known as Coates Library, Club Lib resembles most other San Antonio clubs in that strong drinks are often necessary to endure extended hours within its walls.

CCI: Trinity’s center for Campus and Community Involvement, or CCI, is just what it claims to be. If you want to get involved around campus or in the San Antonio area, CCI is ready to help.

CSI: If you have any pre-med or science major friends, you’ll probably find them hanging around Trinity’s new Center for Sciences and Innovation most of the time. Can you blame them though? Even if you don’t major in the sciences, the state-of-the-art building is well worth a look.

Milk “˜n’ Cookies: At 3:30 p.m. on Thursdays, CCI provides milk and cookies for students who decide to stop by.

SGA: Trinity’s Student Government Association is a group of elected students who represent student interests on decisions and policies that affect the student body. Groups on campus often come to SGA with funding requests. These people are on your side.

Nacho Hour: At 3:33 p.m. on Wednesdays, a large number of students can usually be found lining up in Coates, ready to help themselves to a free pile of nachos.

Sochi: Need a break from studying? Or just some quick stress relief? Dean David Tuttle’s dog, Sochi, is available for a walk around campus, or maybe an ear scratch or two. Sochi holds weekly “office hours” in Dean Tuttle’s office in upstairs Coates.

Magic Stones: No one really knows when this tradition started, but according to campus lore students who study by the large stones outside of the library receive some good luck on their exams.

Happy Friday: Trinity’s acapella groups””the Acabellas and Trinitones””alternate performing at 12:20 p.m. on Fridays in Coates to get the weekend started on a high note.

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