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The Walking Living: a few tips for a car-free life

This year is now my final one at Trinity, and yet I still do not have a car. I have walked a lot these past three years and know quite a few places close to campus that may be worth the time to check out as a new student. The following walkable locations are grouped together by general proximity to each other for convenience:

The San Antonio Zoo is only eight minutes away, but I personally dislike the place because I was forced to watch these sad animals for hours last semester. The Zoo Train, on the other hand, is awesome. Plus, you get to explore Brackenridge Park, which is another great location, but do not go there at night; it is scary and there are probably dark cults lurking at night sacrificing young goats (or young college students).

Bombay Bicycle Club (Bay’s) is down Mulberry Avenue and it is a great spot for Trinity students to go at night, especially Thursday nights. In the same area are Augie’s Barbed Wire Smokehouse, which has delicious barbecue, and Joseph’s Storehouse and Bakery, which does not have the best meals around but does have pretty good pastries. They also have giant cinnamon rolls, though these cannot beat the three-pound monster cinnamon roll from Lulu’s (not walkable, sadly).

El Milagrito is a cheap and delicious Mexican restaurant in front of Tycoon Flats, a typical American restaurant with hamburgers, wings and hot dogs.

Candlelight is a deli and coffee shop with great atmosphere. They even have some board games.

King’s Court Frankfurter Express would have been first on this list, but it, sadly, has closed. May it rest in peace and let’s hope that it’s true that all hot dogs go to heaven.

Half Price Books is the only chain establishment on this list because everyone should read to become smarter””they should especially read my articles. Tomatillos Cafe y Cantina is a Mexican restaurant that serves great margaritas. Taco Taco Cafe now has a station at the Coates Center, but the original, located right on the corner of Hildebrand Avenue and Mulberry Avenue, is still  the absolute best. It is a San Antonio institution for a reason.

Olmos “Bharmacy” is known for their alcohol, but their milkshakes are pretty good, too, and they also have great live music.

Alright, I lied; I am adding another chain establishment: Taco Cabana. The one on Hildebrand is the original location. Really.

However, one of the best places I have found is”¦Trinity. Most of the time, where you are walking to is far less important than the act of getting there. I have walked around Trinity campus””even just literally walking in circles””countless times. I made my first best friend in college while walking around at night. I even got mooned while walking around campus””the best bonding experience ever. I have made two romantic confessions while walking and they were both successful””unlike the one I did while sitting down.

The lesson of this article is this: go pick a place (any place), grab a person (any person), walk to said place with said person and””most importantly””enjoy every step.

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