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Tracking down Trinity’s hidden gems

Photo by Sarah Thorne

When I arrived at Trinity, I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty of our campus. I wanted to explore and learn everything I could about this new home of mine. But to a first year, Trinity’s campus can seem massive, confusing and endless. The fear of getting lost is real.

Now, of course, as a senior, I feel as though I know every nook and cranny (even though I probably don’t). But I want to tell you, dear first-year readers, that as you attend Trinity and get to know the campus, there are several semi-hidden spots you’ll want to check out. These places can offer relaxation during a busy day, a study spot when the library feels too full or just a cool place to sit and chat.

Community Garden

Located near the Tiger Card office under Storch, this wonderful place is run by Trinity students and features a variety of plants. It’s a sweet-smelling spot to sit (well, maybe not in the heat of the day). There are often some conveniently placed white lawn chairs tucked nearby so you can sunbathe while breathing in the natural scent of the produce and plants.

Chapman Courtyard

As a history major, I spend a lot of time in Chapman Graduate Center, and if you take any common curriculum classes (which you will), you’ll almost certainly have a handful of classes here in your time at Trinity since this building houses quite a few departments. Chapman is one of the oldest building on campus, but is also one of my favorites. It just has a lot of charm! One of my favorite parts of Chapman is the courtyard. Visible from many of the classroom windows, it’s nestled in the center of the building and features beautiful mosaic tiles. To me, it looks Greco-Roman, which is probably appropriate since the classics department is located here.

The Chapel Courtyard

I discovered this little nook within the first few weeks of arriving at Trinity because a friend and I went on a midnight trek around campus. It’s on the north side of the chapel (the side towards upper campus) and you can enter through two big double doors, which are usually open. It’s cooler here because of its natural ventilation. This spot features some interesting stone decoration, flowers and benches, so it’s great for a private conversation or as a refuge from the San Antonio heat.


This is what my friends and I call the waterfall garden located behind Murchison Hall. A little difficult to locate unless you’re looking for it, this gem is a beloved secret spot on campus. It has some natural stone benches and a little spring, and it also happens to be pretty nicely shaded. A stop here during a busy day is a good chance to cool off and relax.

McLean Roof

Since I lived in McLean my first year, I was quickly familiar with McLean Roof. It is one of only three dormitories with roof access for students (the others are Prassel and Witt-Winn) and it has been outfitted accordingly with sun chairs and tables. You can access the roof via the fourth floor of McLean, although it can be a little tricky to find. Sometimes events are held up here, including the biannual Rooftopalooza concert!

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