Greek Week kicks off recruitment season


Photo by Jordan Leeper.

From Monday Oct. 6 to Friday Oct. 10, all 15 Greek organizations participated in Greek Week. The fraternities and sororities hosted several activities from lectures to scavenger hunts and Greek Olympics. These activities were aimed to promote unity within the Greek community.

“Greek Week is an event to encourage unity and bonding between organizations while promoting healthy competition,” said Briana McGlamory, coordinator for fraternity and sorority life. “The goal is to have every organization participate.”

Greek organizations have echoed that the week is great for internal bonding and building stronger relationships among members.

“They [the events] are a good opportunity for the Greek community to bond and show first-years what it’s like to be a part of Greek life,” said Madison Schwarzer, sophomore member of sigma Theta Tau. “It allows members to get to know each other in another setting that allows them to build friendships across Greek life.”

According to McGlamory, Greek council does not have a specific goal to reach regarding the number of organizations that attend. Although there is no goal, some Greeks have mentioned that it might be more successful if it was held on a weekend.

“It [Greek week] is a great idea, but I wish it would be more like Greek weekend so that more people could attend,” said Tynan Guerra, junior member of Omega Phi.


The activity-filled week included a photo scavenger hunt, a game of “last one standing,” a book drive and trivia.

“Greek Week is based around the four pillars of fraternity and sorority life””scholarship, camaraderie, philanthropy and leadership,” McGlamory said.

Each day of the week was devoted to one of these pillars with Monday being leadership day and started off with the photo scavenger hunt in which each organization had a list of items that they had to take a picture of throughout the week. The pictures earned points for the organization.

The Greek community was required to attend the Hudson Taylor talk this day as well.

A game of “last one standing” also started Monday on the esplanade and included having a member from each organization in one location for an extended period of time. Each hour spent at the location was credit for the organization.

This event involved spending the night on the esplanade, which contributed to the internal bonding, according to Schwarzer. The game of “last one standing” on the Esplanade ended at 5 p.m.

Tuesday was camaraderie day and Olympics were hosted at the intramural field, which included dodge ball, nuke “˜em (a volleyball version of dodge ball) and a kickball game for the top two teams. The games were also a way for the organizations to earn points.

Wednesday was philanthropy day and hosted a book drive in Coates University Center. This event was open to all students, faculty and staff.

Thursday was scholarship day with a trivia game in the Fiesta Room.  The week’s events ceased on Friday, Oct. 10 with the deadline of the photo scavenger hunt at 10 a.m.

The winner of Greek Week will be announced during the Alumni Weekend events. One important note is that Greek Week is not a recruitment event.

“The purpose is unity and bonding among the organizations. The event is to promote a positive image of the Greek community before recruitment starts,” McGlamory said.

Recruitment Week will start Sunday, Oct. 12, at 4 p.m. on the Esplanade.