Library sees new furniture to arrive come fall break

The original furniture has been removed from the second floor of the library following a survey, conducted last year, that asked students what kind of spaces interested them when studying.

Many students expressed an inclination toward wide, open desk space where they could keep their materials spread out, which was a change from the previous smaller desks and tables that populated the majority of the space alongside the various study rooms available for student use.

Following the survey, the library made the decision to purchase new furniture for the second floor to accommodate those interests. The new furniture was ordered in early July and was originally meant to be in place by the time first years arrived on campus. However due to complications with the vendor, the delivery date has now been pushed back until fall break, from Oct. 17  to Oct. 19.

The space will remain empty until the new furniture arrives.

The chairs and other furniture that used to be in that space were donated to a number of charitable organizations and service agencies.

Any other changes to library furniture have not been confirmed, with only the second floor space undergoing any renovations.