Coates gains large table while chairs arrive on the second floor of the library

After a long wait, the tables and chairs for the second floor of the library have finally arrived. The furniture was ordered in early July and was supposed to arrive on campus before the start of the term, but the items did not arrive on campus until Oct. 13 due to problems with the seller. During the wait for the tables and chairs to arrive, the second floor remained empty, but it is now fully devoted to reading and studying. However, the new renovations are not yet complete. According to Diane Graves, reading lamps are expected to arrive sometime next week. In accordance with a survey taken by Trinity students, the tables are large and provide students with the space to spread out their materials. Although no more new plans have been made, Graves has said that if the library receives more money, she would be open to considering more projects in the future to help Trinity’s students study more effectively. The furniture that used to occupy the second floor was donated to several service organizations.