The studs, duds and sleepers of Fantasy Basketball

After months of waiting for the start of the NBA regular season is finally here.

This means guys and girls  from all corners of Trinity are looking for the best players to pick in their fantasy drafts.

I have picked my choices for the dud, stud and sleeper of this season to help people pick the right players.

DUD: Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler.

“In my opinion, the offseason addition of Tyson Chandler puts the Mavs back in championship territory,” said sophomore Daylon Gordon.

Chandler is an above average NBA center whose rim protection abilities will pay dividends when dueling against the Western Conference Elite.

Chandler currently plays with fringe superstars Monte Ellis, and Chandler Parsons, who need the ball in their hands to make plays, and that  means less touches per game for Chandler.

With these factors coming into play, I predict Chandler will have a sub-par season in terms of fantasy basketball.

STUD: Miami Heat Power Forward Chris Bosh.

“With the heartbreaking offseason departure of NBA superstar Lebron James there is a major talent void to be filled. I think Bosh will have a great fantasy year,” said sophomore Khambrel Roach.

Lebron averaged 28.2 PPG during the NBA finals last year. His homeward bound departure will undoubtedly leave a huge scoring void that will need to be filled.

Guard Dwayne Wade is still fighting a losing battle with Father Time and will undoubtedly miss many games over the course of the season. This leaves a lot of room for an All-Star player like Chris Bosh to put up huge fantasy numbers in the coming season.

Last but not least is Chicago Bull’s Sleeper Jimmy “Buckets” Butler. “I think with the return of All-Star point guard Derrick Rose, Jimmy is prime for a breakout season, “said sophomore James Mach.

Last season was Butler’s first season as an NBA starter. He was a great defensive player and an average offensive player.

With Rose returning to rare form, and the offseason acquisition of center Paul Gasol, Butler should be primed for a big year with the Bulls.

Sites such as ESPN Fantasy Sports,, and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports offer leagues for interested parties to join and compete in.

The NBA regular season goes from now until April 15, 2015.