University installs new banners across campus

Throughout campus, small banners with quotes from various professors are attached to poles near the Ruth Taylor Theater building, and outside of Mabee.

The goal of these banners is to help current students feel welcome as they are walking around campus, much like the “Discover. Grow. Become.” banners visitors see when walking to the front of Northrup. The banners mark the continued strategic plan implementation, which has included a variety of marketing initiatives aimed at creating a more known and attractive campus.

“It really made the campus kind of open up and be brighter and more welcoming, which is absolutely what we were going for,” said Jeanna Goodrich Balreira, associate director for creative services. “Since students do not normally walk to the front of Northrup, we wanted to extend the same welcoming picture that is in front of Northrup throughout the rest of campus.”

According to Balreira, the quotes from various professors in multiple departments are meant to serve as inspiration and motivation for Trinity students.

“We want students to think about what they learn in class with these same professors and learn how to digest it, discover what it means to them and hopefully take that same message back out into the world,” Balreira said.