New Firearm Safety Alliance approved as new active club

The Firearm Safety Alliance””founded by Tomy Boboy, a senior majoring in international business and finance””has been officially approved by Campus and Community Involvement as an active club on campus.

The club aspires to promote firearm safety among the students.

“What we are trying to do is to help foster the understanding of how to be safe if you ever come into contact with firearms or if you are ever in a situation where firearms are used,” Boboy said.

The goal of the club is to not only educate students about personal firearm safety, but also give them direction for the course of action to take in the event of an emergency.

“We are trying to educate people so that if a situation was to ever occur, they would know what to do and how to react,” Boboy said. “For example, if you are going through campus and there is a shooter and he dropped his pistol in the middle of campus, what exactly could you do to make sure it is not going to fire if someone were to step on it? We want to focus on the student and any type of contact you might come into with firearms.”

The details are still in the works, but there will be information sessions for students to learn more about the club.

“We are planning on doing an information session and it will most likely be in January. We are hoping to bring in two guest speakers as well as a potential advisor,” Boboy said.

Once the club is up and running, the plan is to have regular sessions as well as a few classes held off campus at the shooting range, according to Boboy.

“A lot of people first think when they hear Firearm Safety Alliance is that it is a group of people who just want to go shooting at the range, but I want everyone to know that it is more broad than that,” Boboy said.

Boboy noted that the club is not only about shooting as a hobby or pastime, but also about promoting and teaching gun safety, particularly to children. While the club is still working on the details, Boboy remained eager of its possibilities.

“This club is not just the shooting of guns, it has to do with safety and it is something that a lot of kids don’t really think about,” Boboy said. “You see it on the news whenever there’s a school shooting and no one ever really thinks about teaching the students the best way to overcome something like that if it were to happen and that is kind of what we want our club to do.”