Greek Council welcomes new co-chair officers as of Bid Day

Friday, Feb. 6, Greek Council members Angela Arroyo, junior and member of Zeta Chi, and Cameron Archer, junior and member of Omega Phi, took office as new co-chairs of the organization. Greek Council, whose executive board is composed of ten members, saw the change come in conjunction with this year’s Bid Day.

“From [Nov. 4] until this past Friday, Bid Day, we’ve been doing shadowing, essentially, and [Friday] is when we became the acting co-chairs,” Archer said.

However, prior to two years ago, Greek Council operated, like many other organizations on campus, on an academic year, recently switching over to a calendar year method.

“In 2013, CCI instituted the calendar transition, we switched from an academic year to a calendar year,” said Briana McGlamory, coordinator of fraternity and sorority life. “This is the second year our officers have been on [council] in November and taken office January, February.”

Greek Council is comprised of two sections, the executive council, of which the co-chairs belong, alongside other positions including men’s and women’s rush orientation chairs, standards chair and service chair. The rest of Greek Council is the General Council, of which the fraternities and sororities on campus are involved.

“Greek Council is set up of General Council, which is the executive council and two representatives from each organization, usually the president and sometimes vice president,” Archer said. “Then there is the executive council of the 10 members, they meet before general [meeting] and discuss certain issues and bring those issues to general [meeting] and basically help run it in a timely fashion.”

To the co-chairs, being a part of Greek Council requires communication across campus to organize and run various events.

“It’s really all about facilitating communication between everyone, making sure we are all getting our jobs done in terms of events, like Greek Carnival last year, when we had to be in communication not only with other members of Greek Council but also the presidents of sororities and fraternities,” Arroyo said. “We host a lot of different events and I’m still getting used to the job””it really comes down to the communication with other organizations.”

The next event coming up,  partly hosted by Greek Council, will be visiting speaker Keith Edwards, a nationally recognized speaker on preventing sexual violence on college campuses. The event, also sponsored by the Coalition for Respect, is required for all Greek students, but is also open to the campus and the San Antonio community. Edwards will speak at 7:30 p.m., in Laurie Auditorium on Feb. 25, Students who plan to attend can find more information on the event details on the event’s Facebook page or next week’s Trinitonian.