SGA creates new survey on campus residency climate

SGA president Sean McCutchen, in conjunction with David Tuttle, dean of students and associate vice president for academic affiars, Diane Saphire, associate vice president for information resources, and Wanda Olson, director of Residential Life, have created a campus survey over the topic of residency experiences. The survey, which is active until April 20, aims to address oongoing discussions over Trinity’s residency requirement and the overall living experience at the university.

“When I went to the board of trustees’ meeting, mid February, we presented about the residency requirement and residency on campus and the quality of campus,” McCutchen said. “They were very receptive to that, but they wanted data to back up what I was saying.”

McCutchen noted that any major changes to campus come at a high cost, so data and evidence of opinions on the subjects is valuable for the university.

“It will be a large monetary investment if thigngs change,” McCutchen said.

McCutchen also detailed the structure of the survey and the pool of participants.

“It’s a hundred random participants from each class and if you take it you have a chance to win the latest iPad,” McCutchen said. “It takes about five minutes and is super easy.”

Regarding the idea of lowering the residency requirement, McCutchen noted that the survey is looking in more broad terms but it remains a possibility.

“I think if we have an overwhelming response about [lowering the residency requirements] thatd be something to point out,” McCutchen said.

McCutchen noted the importance of good response as well.

“It’s huge to have a high respondent rate. If you don’t have many people, you have what’s called a non-response-bias and skewed data,” McCutchen said.

The data will be collected following the surrey’s closure and the data is set to be presented to the board in May.