Trinity Progressives prepare for Mental Health Week

The Trinity Progressives will be hosting Mental health Week April 6-10 to promote mental health and stability. This is the third year the progressives are hosting Mental Health Week.

“This will be the third annual event and this is the biggest one we have done so far,” said Kassie Kelly the vice president of Trinity Progressives.

Previous events in the past of included a de-stress fest along with screenings of popular films surrounding mental health.

“We are taking a bunch of projects that have been done in the past and we are revamping them and remaking them even bigger,” Kelly said.

The Trinity Progressives have been working with Counseling Services to put on the week surrounding mental health.

“We are a co-sponsor with Trinity Progressives. They kind of take the lead and charge ahead. They are energetic and they plan some good stuff so we are glad to support it,” said Gary Neal , the director of Counseling and Health Services.

Events throughout the week will be taking place to educate students about mental health and reduce stigma surrounding various issues. Nick Santulli, the debate coordinator for the Trinity Progressives, has been preparing and working for events for the week.

“I think the most important thing is increasing awareness and reducing stigma. I don’t think people realize how common mental health disorders are in people,” said Santulli.

Santulli continued, noting how often those with mental issues may feel ostracized.

“I feel like a lot of times people with mental health issues are marginalized, presented as freaks or excluded. I think this event shows that they’re people too and they’re not that different.”

In addition to various mental health events the Trinity Progressives have added physical wellness to the week. Some events will include biking to the local farmers market.

“We’re trying to take a very holistic approach this year by adding physical well being as being part of mental health and how they are interrelated,” Kelly said.

Other events for the week surrounding physical well being will be a meditation session put on by TUFit as well as various healthy food options during different events.

“Normally you see food at events on campus like cookies, and we tried to get healthier food like hummus and veggies and things like that to promote,” Kelly said.

The Trinity Progressives have paired with various clubs on campus such as APO, Residential Life, TUPD and more to hold different events. Thursday, April 9 will include a movie screening of “Silver Linings Playbook” in Mabee with the Student Programming Board.

“Other organizations are involved, people who aren’t even in Trinity Progressives come in just because they care about the issue,” Kelly said.

One new event this year will be a sharing circle which will take place at the Murchison fire pit on Tuesday night.

“We’re going to have a band come and try to have a few pre-planned acts for people to talk. After that we’re going to open it up for people to share their experiences with mental health and mindfulness of mental health,” Santulli said.

The Trinity Progressives have made a large push with the hopes of having the largest turnout yet for Mental Health Week. Students can expect activities throughout the entirety of the week as well as a table every day in Coates.