Trinity radio station KRTU reaches $90,000 fundraising goal at bi-annual membership drive


Photo by Eva Littman

KRTU holds two membership drives every year to raise funding for the station and raise awareness of jazz music in San Antonio.

The total funding goal for this drive, which took place between March 27 and April 3, was to raise $90,000 for the station. Their fundraising goal was met by Friday, according to a tweet from the station.

“The purpose of the drive is to raise awareness of jazz and the really rich culture surrounding it,” said development intern Daniela Torres. “Without the drive and members, there would not be a station.”

According to the KRTU webpage,, KRTU is a part of the Department of Communication and links the university to the larger San Antonio community, with members of the station from Japan and Ireland. It is also one of less than 60 stations in the United States which identify themselves as jazz stations. During the day, KRTU plays jazz, while from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the station broadcasts independent music. The station can be heard online as well, which is what has encouraged individuals to support the station around the world, Torres said. The station is non-profit and operates on fundraising and the sales of membership packages. Two membership drives are held each year, which involve students, members of KRTU and some guest subscribers working to sell new  membership packages to reach their goal within the deadline.

“We have been trying to expand our audience to young people,” Torres said. “The station is student run in many ways, and we’re really trying to build on the music.”

The membership drives are held twice a year. The drives invite listeners to become members of the station, which supports the station and offers benefits to the members such as gifts and access to events. Student memberships are available to Trinity students for $25. There are five tiers of membership ranging in cost from $60 to $2,500. Along with encouraging listeners to become members on air, KTRU holds challenges throughout the week of the drive, during which donations are matched.

In addition to drives, KRTU has events throughout the year, and listeners can become members any time through the website. The student membership only costs $25 and grants members access to events organized by KRTU around the city. KRTU has a listing of upcoming events, whether they are on or off campus, on their website.