Trinity sees increase in student-started clubs


In recent years, several new clubs and organizations have been formed at Trinity. Among the unique and exciting new groups is the Bass Fishing Team.

“During my senior year of high school, some students started a bass fishing team. I didn’t get to be a part of it, but I thought it was a good idea, and I wanted to make one at Trinity,” said founder Craig Burton, first year.

While Trinity has several requirements for new organizations to follow, the university makes sure the guidelines aren’t too difficult for students to abide by.

“We just had our first info session with 11 members. Ten students are needed to start a club sport.  New clubs don’t get financial support for the first year, so we have to collect dues from fundraising to keep stable right now,” Burton said.

So far, students have found the process of creating and running a new organization manageable.

“It was pretty simple to get started. There hasn’t been a lot of paperwork involved. First you meet with someone in student organizations, and they’re pretty helpful. Then you talk about your idea, and you just see where it goes from there,” Burton said.

With a variety of interests found on campus, the possibilities for new organizations are wide. Even if students are uncertain about their ideas for planning a club, they can get help with their interests from the faculty at Trinity.

“Go talk with someone in club sports or Student Involvement. It can’t hurt to talk to somebody; even if it’s a vague idea, they’ll help you develop it,” Burton said.

Any student interested in starting a new organization or finding new activities to join is encouraged to reach out to Trinity’s Student Involvement office.