North hall renovations completed in June


Since January, North Hall has been under construction in Trinity’s 20-year cycle for updating residence halls. Students have already begun to take up residence in the hall, and even more will arrive in the coming weeks to move into the newly remodeled space.

“We really wanted more options for upperclass students. So, we provided single sleeping rooms because that’s what the students told us, through focus groups that we had done, was most important to them,” said Wanda Olson, assistant director of residential life.

The redesign features separate living spaces for each of the two residents that are connected to a shared living space, which many students feel is the big selling point of North.

“The difference between this and Lightner is that in Lightner, four people are sharing a common living space, whereas in North only two people share a common room space. It provides more privacy,” said Bria Woods, a hall mentor for North Hall.

Residential Life wanted the focus of living in North to be privacy for its residents while still allowing for socialization in common living areas.

“I love that the students can personalize their own space,” Olson said. “They have the private space that they requested. They can personalize their own bedroom for themselves and they still have a living room that they share with one roommate. I like that they have both the public area with their roommate and then also a private bedroom. And they still have a suite.”
After five months of construction, the renovations of North Hall were completed in June. Those who have moved in are already enjoying the new space.

“It has gone through the updates that it so desperately needed,” Woods said.

Many students who had seen North Hall before the renovations are excited about the updates. In addition to new furniture, the building has been aesthetically remodeled as well.

“It’s so much nicer. We actually got all new furniture, so that was nice too. The carpets are nice and new. It doesn’t smell. And it’s actually brighter. It’s not as dark in the hallway,” said Sarah Hernandez, a senior living in North.

After the renovation of North, the next residence hall to go under construction is likely to be South. The decision has yet to be made but will probably be announced in the coming year.

“It is still up in the air,” Olson said. “That has to go through the board of Trustees, who approves big renovation projects like that. I know we are starting conversations or beginning talks about South and what we would want in South.”