Recent hires to campus excited for coming year

The university welcomes several new individuals to campus this year, including president Danny Anderson, vice president for advancement and alumni relations Michael Bacon, Greek life coordinator Jeremy Allens and wellness coordinator Katherine Hewitt. Anderson is the 19th president of the university. He began serving as president of the university May 29 of this year.

He was born in Houston and, before coming to the university, served as the dean of students of liberal arts and sciences at the University of Kansas. Anderson notes that he has a love for Spanish literature, especially the works of Juan Rulfo, and he looks forward to getting to know the stories of those at the university.

“I want to be open, to try to take in lots of opportunities,” Anderson said. “Leaders must learn [and] do what others do.”
Bacon graduated from Trinity in 1989 and maintained contact with the faculty and staff at the university following graduation. After graduating, Bacon went on to work with fundraising for Kenyon College before founding Bacon Lee & Associates. Throughout his career working in fundraising and external relations, Bacon has worked with 250 non-profits in San Antonio alone. He explains his inspirations are his faith, wife and two children.

“I love this place. I’ll have a relationship with this place whether I have this job or not,” Bacon said.

Allens has entered the position of Greek life coordinator within Student Involvement. Allens graduated from Trinity in 2007 before going on to receive his J.D. from the University of Missouri. Allens encourages students to be involved and contact him and reminds students that Student Involvement hosts milk and cookies every Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

“Student involvement really tries to push students to be involved more,” Allens said. “I’m excited to be back.”

Hewitt is serving in the position of wellness coordinator, part of the new department Wellness Services. The aim of this department is to aid students in understanding the connection between their academic performance, wellness and safety. Hewitt has already organized interaction between Wellness Services and several other programs on campus in order to encourage lifelong student wellness. She will be working with Health Services, Pizza and Pleasure and more on campus to create new programs or further develop initiatives oriented to aid student health.

“A big part of public health is advocacy,” Hewitt said. “I’m really eager to interact with students and [Residential Life] members.”