Feraz Ozel entertains students with stand-up comedy

On Thursday, August 27, stand-up comedian Feraz Ozel performed at Trinity. The Student Programming Board sponsored Ozel as a part of the annual Welcome Week festivities.

“I would say it was very successful, and it was more successful than it was last year. It was a good turnout. Roughly 500 people came, and it was pretty packed in Laurie,” said Esther Kim, coordinator for student programs.

Kim described how Ozel connected with the audience.

“He was very interactive. A couple of students wanted to be part of the act, so it was cool that he incorporated them. It is more relatable when you have your friends chosen from the crowd, it’s funnier. You get to enjoy the act a little bit more,” Kim said.

James Dykman, senior and mathematical finance major, described his reaction to Ozel’s act.

“I loved the performance. I think it was a good blend of everything. He touched on a lot of different topics. He was funny, he was kind and he was super down to earth,” Dykman said.

Ozel won the Fuzine Comedy Competition in Budapest, Hungary, and the San Diego’s Funniest Person competition. According to his website, Ozel has been performing comedic acts since he was eleven years old, and he continues to perform at a number of clubs and colleges across the country each year.

“I tour nationally regularly. It’s kind of like a comic’s lifestyle. We’re in our hometown for three or four days, then you go to a college gig for a day, then you go back home, then you tour again,” Ozel said.

Ozel’s stand-up comedy act was one of the final activities of Welcome Week.

Kim noted that Welcome Week was positively received.

“Welcome Week in general had a great turnout to every one of our events and I think it had to do with our partnership with Residential Life to bring residents on board,” Kim said. “[For] all of our events, from the film, to the comedian, to the concert, we had a bigger turnout than we did last year. I’m really proud of SPB.”