Zipcar windows knocked out

On August 29 individuals broke the windows of the new Zip Cars on Trinity University’s campus after the T-pain concert.

“I learned from TUPD that the rear passenger side windows on both cars were smashed. I checked them out and there was no additional damage, no indication of potential attempted theft – such as no damage to the steering columns,” said David Tuttle, associate vice president and dean of students.

According to the Trinity University Police multiple suspects were seen fleeing from the scene of the crime towards the William H. Bell Center.

“An officer patrolling saw the suspects running towards the Bell Center. The officer pursued the suspects; however, she lost track of them and they got away,” said Pete Perez, assistant chief of campus police.

Because the incident is still under investigation Trinity University Police could not disclose some details about the case. However, they are reviewing security camera footage around campus and are following other relevant leads.

“The only description we have of the suspects is that they were dressed like males and were carrying backpacks,” Perez said.
The incident is particularly embarrassing because the Zip Cars are a new feature on campus. “Well, it is a little embarrassing. This is a new program and we want full student support. I imagine we get only so many chances for people to mistreat the vehicles. We don’t know for sure that this was done by students, but it would be a reasonable assumption,” Tuttle said.

The incident is unusual because of where the Zip Cars are located outside of Mabee Dining Hall and the Witt Center.

“Generally you would think that’s a good area,” Perez said. “I guess criminals are starting to get a little bolder.”

It is unclear whether or not the incident will cause a change in Zip Car’s contract with Trinity. However, the administration is hopeful that the incident will not be repeated with the replacement cars.

“I hope it was a one-time thing. I also hope whoever did it goes to confession,” Tuttle said. Or better yet, if someone contacted me willing to pay for the damage we would agree to let it go at that.”

Trinity University Police are still investigating the incident. If you have any information please contact Trinity University Police Department at (210) 999-7821.