Breaking down the Bell Center

The Bell Center is a place for people to come work out, engage in physical activities and support the athletic teams, but how is it possible for Seth Asbury to ensure that one building can meet the needs of over 500 athletes?

Asbury, associate director of athletics for facilities and events manager, knows all about what goes on behind the scenes.

He relies heavily on several calendars and the rest of the Bell Center staff to communicate their schedules with him in order to prevent any overlap.

With every home game, from football and soccer to volleyball, every facility has to have the right setup for the game.

This involves getting the security needed to make sure fans are having fun and being safe.

Game setup also includes coordinating with facility services to make sure they can clean up after the games, getting the parking lots marked for guests and assigning locker rooms for the visiting teams.

The lights, scoreboard, bleachers, nets, goals and a myriad of other details have to be perfect for the games to run smoothly.

Asbury has a facilities setup crew to help him with any equipment setup needed.

He also uses the facility events and management class in order to give students a hands on experience on how to run an athletic facility.

Having all hands on deck is key to the Bell Athletic Center’s success.

Not only is Asbury in charge of every event that goes on in the Bell Center, but he is also in charge of all of the equipment housed there too.

To help him manage equipment, he hires a facility management staff that checks out equipment, cleans the machines and keeps the workout rooms organized.

The facilities and event staffs consist of 30 to 40 people combined, and without the team Asbury would not be able to keep everything in such an orderly manner.

The facility staff is in charge of being there when Asbury can’t be. They make sure the Bell Center is safe at all times by managing who comes in and out as well as ensure none of the equipment gets lost or stolen.

Although it may not seem like many people walk by, working at the Bell Center involves a lot of responsibility.

“Assisting Seth at keeping the Bell Center a place where students can have fun playing pingpong or basketball and get a good workout in a clean, well-maintained environment is what we strive for on the Bell Center Operations team,” said Anecia Richardson, senior supervisor.

Along with helping Asbury keep everything in line, the staff has monthly meetings in order to check in and have team bonding activities.

The Bell Center staff is treated as a team to keep everyone working together and working as one to get the jobs done.

“The activities we do help us meet everyone and connect with everyone in a certain way,”  said sophomore Guy Harris. “We are a fun-loving and hardworking group of people.”

Asbury values his team greatly and believes strongly in working together to achieve synergy.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, Asbury has implemented an acronym for his team to follow called “SAIL:” stewardship, accountability, integrity and leadership.

These core values empower his team to do their job to their fullest potential.

“I delegate responsibilities because I can’t be there 24/7 and can’t be present in multiple facilities all the time,” Asbury said. “It takes teamwork and dedicated individuals to make a successful operation.”

The number of Trinity athletes has increased from 200 to approximately 540 since the Bell Center opened, making the renovations a much needed upgrade for all sports.

With the new renovations, the Bell Center operations team will be more important than ever.

The completely new workout facilities will attract more individuals to want to work out, increasing the use of machines and the amount of monitoring needed to keep track of  who comes in and out of the facility.

“I think it’s going to be a showpiece,” Asbury said. “Every admissions tour will go through the space, every student will see it, and hopefully the people that work out every day will be able to enjoy the latest and greatest machines.”

As the general awareness of the Bell Center increases, the more important Asbury’s job will be to keep everything organized.

As we get deeper into the fall semester and the course load picks up, the Bell Center encourages students to utilize the gym for your physical fitness needs and to maximize your overall wellness.