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Traveling without traveling

I’ve always had the travel bug. A constant desire to see,and experience something new. A wanderlust.

I’ve been blessed to have already seen many different places in the world, which is an opportunity not many people my age have been given, and I’m so thankful for that. I’ve grown up with a family that thrives on making memories in beautiful locations and, most importantly, in good company. Some of my most precious memories were formed on trips with my family and closest friends.

I crave travel and every aspect of it, from arriving at the airport in the earliest hours of the morning, to making a home out of a hotel room. But of course, it’s not plausible to be a jet-setter every month of the year. Most of us have school, jobs, other obligations or restrictions that might make it really difficult to get away sometimes.

Besides exploring breathtaking views and scenery, I’ve decided that part of the magic of traveling can be accredited to a few simple principles, which have almost nothing to do with your destination location at all. These aspects of travel can make it possible to “travel” and discover without actually leaving your home base or surrounding area.

For keeping your wanderlust under control, set out on a local adventure:

1) Immerse yourself in everything local

Experience things that are unique to the area you’re in, and by doing so, you’ll be able to encounter the authenticity of your location. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there are always experiences waiting to be had that can never be had anywhere else.

Travel without traveling tip: forego your morning Starbucks for a local joint instead.

2) Wander with no purpose

Setting out with no goal in mind will allow you to discover something new and experience things you otherwise might have not experienced.

Travel-without-traveling tip: Visit an area you might regularly frequent, only this time, arrive with no purpose in mind. Let yourself wander and see what you’ve been missing out on by giving yourself an agenda.

3) Trek in good company

Life’s not about what you have or where you go, but it is about who you’re with, and that can make all the difference. Surround yourself with good company in your everyday adventures!

Travel without traveling tip: Plan a day of local adventures with someone who you enjoy doing life with, or take off on your own wandering adventure and call up a friend once you find something worthwhile.

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