Uber makes entrance back on to the ridesharing scene

As of October 13, Uber has returned to San Antonio. Last year the ride-sharing service was banned from San Antonio after the city amended its transportation ordinance with extra regulations for companies like Uber.

A statement from Uber can be found on the company’s website.

“Uber’s re-launch in San Antonio sends a loud signal that this city is open for business. Uber is more than a convenient and affordable ride, it increases exploration of the city, reduces DWIs and will help us attract top talent looking to move to a liveable urban city. This is a small step that makes a large impact in our community,” according to the website.

Trinity University students are excited that the app-based car service is back in San Antonio.

“I’ve never used Uber personally, but I think it’s a great thing. The first ride is free I think. That really helps people get it. It makes things less complicated when it comes to crunch time on weekends,” said Eric Engle, a senior at Trinity and resident advisor.

Members of Trinity’s administration are also happy that students have another way to get around campus.

“I think it’s great for our students and I’m really pleased it’s coming back. Overall it’s important. It’s an important service and it’s a great alternative for people, for short travel and spontaneous travel so I think that fits the student culture really well,” said David Tuttle, associate vice president and dean of students.

The service’s affordable and fast rides are perfect for a college campus situated in the heart of a city like San Antonio.

“Since we’re not a traditional college town and we don’t have in walking distance like a strip or a Sixth Street or something like that, but yet there’s so many places within close proximity that a quick, cheap Uber trip would be great whether it’s to the Quarry, or the Pearl or the Riverwalk,” Tuttle said.

This service provides students with a sober ride if they decide to drink off-campus.

“If people do want to go off campus and they have something to drink and they want to come back to campus, you know it’s more immediate. It’s faster than a cab, and it’s cheaper than a cab,” Tuttle said.

While having a designated driver is always the best option when going out, Uber provides a contingency plan for San Antonio residents.

“I don’t know that there, you’d have to ask other students if there’s a drinking and driving problem. I think the best drinking and driving program is a designated driver program because it’s immediate and it’s free and it’s effective,” Tuttle said.

Most are just pleased to have it as an option again.

“I think the more choices students have the better,” Tuttle said.

Both Uber and Lyft have returned to San Antonio and are once again available to people in the city.