Fantasy Basketball Picks


So here is the problem: You and your friends love all things fantasy sports to the extent that you would play fantasy class registration if you could. Unfortunately, you were too swamped last week to get a draft together for the 2015-16 NBA season. Fear not.  It is never too late to declare dominance over your friends in a draft this week. To help, I (an avid NBA fan) will give you the best player at each position to pick, and one underrated guy you can scoop up to fill out your roster.

Point Guards

Let’s start at point guard because the decision here is easy. If you can get the God Stephen Curry, do so immediately and claim victory for the season. He has been that good so far.

He (at the time of this writing) is averaging 35.8 points, 5 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game which sounds more like 2K16 than real life.  According to ESPN, he also has totaled more three pointers than the Timberwolves, Nets, Jazz, Grizzlies, and 76ers.

You read that right.

Steph, has more threes than five individual NBA TEAMS. Pick him”¦now.

As for an underrated point guard to grab, check out Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks.

Though true NBA fans will argue that Teague is not really under the radar, your draft buddies may glance over him in order to get a player with a household name. Teague so far is averaging the same assists per game as Curry and is also adding in 19.2 points for game.

With more scoring responsibilities this year and great three point shooters around him, these averages could see increases as the season moves forward.

Shooting Guards

I am going to look past some early season shooting challenges and tell you to pick up James Harden here over the likes of Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler and Paul George.  

Harden will get past his shooting slump as the chemistry between himself and new Houston point guard Ty Lawson blossoms.  

Look for his points per game average to increase from 23.8 to near 26.

Find yourself later in the draft without a backup SG? Try out Bradley Beal from the Wizards.

Not only did he hit a game winning shot Wednesday against the Spurs , but he is also averaging 25 points a game so far this season. This may fall as the season progresses, but he should remain solid overall.

Small Forward

This is by far the most difficult position to draft because of the overwhelming talent available.

Honestly whatever star player you choose will be worth it. If I were picking, I would take Kevin Durant (29 PPG and 6 REB) over LeBron James (22 PPG, 6APG, and 7 RPG) strictly because Lebron has been playing without a headband and looks weird.

Thinking of ordering food for your draft party?

Go with Italian to compliment your back up pick of Danilo Gallinari from the Denver Nuggets.

After recovering from multiple knee surgeries Gallinari has been on an absolutely awesome spree. Expect 18 points and a handful of assists on any given night from Gallo.

Power Forward

If you have one of the first few picks in the draft and you do not pick up Anthony Davis for your PF, your league-mates have every right to give you hell.

He is a double-double machine averaging 20 PPG and 10 RPG. He is also known to fill up the block column.

Though I personally don’t see this being “his league” this season or next, he is pretty amazing to watch.

A nice back up pick here could be the potential rookie of the year Karl-Anthony Towns.  

Nothing is guaranteed in a rookie (see Jabari parker) but so far he is the second leading scorer on the Timberwolves and is averaging as many rebounds as Anthony Davis.

Not too bad for his first few games.


So many players in the NBA can fill multiple positions. For instance, Anthony Davis could be taken as a center and would obviously be great for your team.

If you do not go that route, look no further than DeMarcus Cousins.  I am saying it here now, Cousins is becoming one of the hardest players in the league to guard.

So far this season he has made four three pointers, matching his the most he has ever made in a season”¦and we are only one week in. Scary.

After some of the other greats (Gobert, Aldridge, Jordan, etc.) are picked up, I would take Al Horford.

Some may say I am taking Horford because he helped me out on my own fantasy team last year and to those people

I would say”¦you are right.

Horford is a stretch center who does it all. He will get you points, rebounds, and blocks as well as a smattering of threes, With a player efficiency  rating of 26% Horford is a great pick to round out your team.

At the end of the day, your fantasy team will win or lose for any number of reasons (so don’t blame me).

What is important is that once the big name players are off the board, you still get good value out of your picks. Hopefully this guide helps.

Happy fantasying!