Administration issues warning to former fraternity


Late Thursday afternoon Michael Fischer sent out a campus wide email warning Trinity students of the repercussions of attending any parties thrown by the group formerly known as Pi Kappa Alpha.

An investigation conducted by the dean of students resulted in the discovery of parties thrown at an off campus location.

“In the course of this ongoing investigation, we have learned that multiple events/parties have been held at 1011 Bitters Road,” the email from Fischer said. “We have further learned that these events/parties may have been hosted under the auspices, intentional or perceived, of Pi Kappa Alpha or athletic teams, including baseball.”

The former Trinity fraternity was previously embroiled  in a dispute with the administration, resulting in their suspension and the loss their charter over the course of the past two years, after recommendation by Greek Council. Greek Council additionally released a statement following the email from Fischer.

“About a year ago, Greek Council made the recommendation for the University to review the charter of Pi Kappa Alpha. After that recommendation, Greek Council effectively removed themselves from any and all jurisdiction over the organization. We remain committed to our 13 organizations that are recognized by Trinity University, and who, in turn, commit themselves to upholding the values and safety of our community,” said Jake Spitz and Rebecca Prager, co-chairs of Greek Council.

Additionally, Fischer warned the student body of the dangers of attending any off campus parties held by the fraternity.

“After attending an event/party, underage students were referred for care for severe alcohol consumption after returning to campus,” Fischer said. “For your own safety, please consider this a warning to avoid attending formal or informal events/parties at this location.”

No further information has been released regarding the fraternity or the next steps of the University.