Criminal seeks refuge on Trinity campus


While the majority of students were home for winter break, a young man wanted for aggravated sexual assault went missing from the halfway house he had been staying at. It was suggested that he had come to Trinity’s campus to seek shelter from the police with a Trinity student.

On Jan. 5, TUPD sent out a warning notice to inform the school about the situation, calling for the Trinity community to be watchful and report any sighting of him.

The notice detailed that Decker “is a black male, 17 years old, approx. 5’6″ tall, 126 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes.” The notice continued to explain that Decker “has a warrant for his arrest for aggravated sexual assault,” and that the “Texas Department of Corrections advised us [TUPD] that Mr. Decker was to come to Trinity University where he knows a student (unknown).”

Assistant Chief Pete Perez disclosed more information on what the Department of Corrections had relayed to TUPD.

“The Investigator informed us that they had Mr. Decker not show up to the halfway house he was residing at.  Upon looking into the situation, their.. investigation revealed that one possible lead was that he knew.. someone at Trinity University [who] he might be able to stay with.  This prompted the… Investigator to contact TUPD.” Perez .. stated.

Given the nature of his crime, TUPD believed it was important that the Trinity community be aware of the issue.

“We issue these Timely Warning Notices when critical information comes across our path,” said Perez. “Our main priority is for the safety of our campus community in being informed, but also having the extra eyes and ears is certainly a plus.”

Having been made aware of the situation, the Trinity community was watchful, and there were some reports claiming to have seen Decker.

“After putting out our Timely Warning Notice, we did have a couple of calls in regards to possibly seeing Mr. Decker on campus.  But after responding and investigating, it was not Mr. Decker,” remarked Assistant Chief Perez.

Frances Stone, a Trinity first year, remarked that she was not overly concerned about Decker’s possible presence on campus.

“I got the email over the break, so I figured that TUPD was aware of the problem, and they would take care of it,” said Stone.

Still, it is important to note that, as of Jan. 21, Decker has yet to be caught.

“As of yet he has not been seen or shown up to his residence,” stated. Perez.

Perez also commented that students should not hesitate to contact TUPD should they run across Decker or any other suspicious activity.

“We would rather have twenty false alarms than risk missing the one call where it’s actually him,” said Perez.

Although Decker has yet to be seen since spring semester began, if anyone believes they have seen Decker, they should contact TUPD at 210-999-7070.