Admissions office ramps up for spring semester


This past year Trinity University saw an increase in the number of applications for admission.

“To date, we have received 6,929 applications, a Trinity record and 33% increase from last year.  When the dust settles, we’ll have received approximately 7,200 applications.  Equally as impressive as the number of applications is the quality of the candidates. Thus far the academic profile for this year’s admitted class has increased over previous years as measured by grade point average, standardized test score and high school class rank,” said Eric Maloof, associate vice president for enrollment and student retention.

Not only is Trinity receiving more applicants,  but also the admissions office has noticed a change in who is applying.

“Everything about this year’s applicant pool is unprecedented. The academic quality, depth and diversity of the applicant pool is as robust as it’s ever been.  We’re off to a fantastic start on the class of 2020,” Maloof said.

This change is largely due to an increase in marketing by the admissions office.

“There are several contributions to the size of this year’s applicant pool which Admissions will unpack during the summer months.  During the most recent year, Trinity has been extremely aggressive marketing the institution, and our recruitment efforts reflect that.  We are marketing to more students and families, communicating with them more frequently, reaching out to more high schools and visiting with more interested students on the road.  Nearly our entire increase in applications comes from geographic areas where Trinity markets and recruits,” Maloof said.

For students concerned that an increase in applications will change the atmosphere of Trinity, the admissions office promises this does not mean an increase in class size.

“I want to make it clear that Trinity does not want to expand its student population.  We are simply trying to build an applicant pool that supports the long-term goals and values of Trinity, which will allow us to continue bringing the most promising students we can find to the institution.  We are also not trying to increase our application numbers simply to drive down our acceptance rate.  I do worry about that perception, of hitting a selectivity threshold that makes Trinity look unachievable to prospective students and their families,” Maloof  said.

Despite the planning and marketing, the admissions office is still surprised by the number of applications they have received this year. However, they feel that the interest in Trinity is well deserved.

“Trinity is a great and well-positioned institution “” one worthy of the level of interest we are now receiving.  I think we are doing a better job in telling the Trinity story and more forthright about putting our case forward,” Maloof said. “Our hope is to reap the benefits and uncover extremely qualified students who otherwise would not have thought about a highly selective school such as Trinity.”