Trinity soccer players sign with San Antonio football club


Former Tigers Sign with San Antonio Football Club

On Thursday Feb. 4, San Antonio FC announced it had signed two former Tiger men’s soccer stars to contracts. San Antonio FC was established in January and is a member of the Division III United Soccer League. The club is very new to the scene: San Antonio FC takes over as San Antonio’s professional soccer franchise after Toyota Field and the S.T.A.R. Soccer Facility were purchased by Bexar County. Spurs Sports and Entertainment swept in  and purchased the rights to the two facilities for San Antonio FC. Matt Cardone and Victor Araujo join Lance Key, alumni class of 2001 as other Trinity alumni playing professional soccer in the United States.

Araujo enjoyed much success and earned many personal accolades while playing midfield for the Tigers. A recipient of multiple SCAC player of the week awards, he was also named to multiple All-America teams. Additionally, he has been named Offensive Most Valuable Player.

This is not Victor’s first foray into the world of professional soccer. He played in Europe before coming to Trinity. For Victor, being signed by San Antonio FC represents yet another challenge to conquer in his life.

“I love to challenge myself. It was the same when I left Brazil at 18 and went to Europe to play and when I left Europe to play soccer in college. This is going to be another challenge in my life, and I’m really looking forward to it,” said Victor Araujo, midfielder for San Antonio FC.

Being signed by San Antonio FC is a continuation of Victor’s dream of being a soccer player.

“I always dreamed to be a soccer player. I fill extremely blessed and happy to sign with such a professional organization,” Araujo said.

Victor attributes his success thus far to his time at Trinity. The winning culture was very important.

“Playing for Trinity and a winning team was very good.” Araujo said.

In particular, he credits the development of his game and preparation routine to the habits inculcated into him by head coach Paul McGinlay. McGinlay has been the coach of Trinity University men’s soccer for twenty-five years now. Throughout these years, Trinity University Men’s Soccer has gained a reputation in Division III Men’s Soccer as being consistently one of the top performing schools. McGinlay has made an impact on all of his players’ lives, but Araujo believes his former coach has played a large part in making him the player he is today.

“Being coached by Paul McGinlay definitely made me a more complete player. The training throughout the week and the conversations before and after the practice made me understand the game more and consequently play better.”

Despite earning this big break, Araujo refuses to become complacent. San Antonio FC represents just another stepping-stone to creating a long-lasting career in soccer. While San Antonio FC is a part of the Division III United Soccer League, the United States has two leagues ahead of it: the North American Soccer League and Major League Soccer.

“However, I’m not satisfied yet as I want to use this opportunity to show my game and go to the MLS,” Araujo said.

Victor doesn’t plan on staying in San Antonio long. He’s very thankful for the opportunity San Antonio FC has provided him and will work extremely hard to make sure he makes the most of it, utilizing the training and techniques coach McGinlay has given him along the way.

As I said, I’m happy to be playing for the USL, but I don’t plan to stay here long,” Araujo said. “I will work hard everyday and try to get the best out of me in the field, and eventually go to [the] MLS.