Student Programming Board announces Cherub as the performer for inaugural Spring Concert

The Student Programming Board is excited to announce that their inaugural Spring Concert will occur on May 1 in conjunction with the annual Destress Fest to celebrate the end of the school year, giving students a chance to unwind and have fun before they begin their spring semester finals.

For the premiere concert, electro-duo Cherub, best known for their hit “Doses and Mimosas,” will be performing on the Prassel Lawn.

Hosting a concert in the spring has been a goal of the Student Programming Board for several years now, and to finally have it come to fruition with an entertaining performer is exciting.

“Ever since my freshman year, I’ve always wanted to host a Spring Concert that is as memorable as our yearly Fall Welcome Week Concert. This year, we finally had the opportunity to make it a reality, and SGA was very supportive of the idea,” said Benjamin Gomez, a junior marketing, management, and entertainment business major.

As the Concerts Chair of the Student Programming Board, Gomez was determined to find an entertainer who could bring great energy and an unforgettable performance to commemorate the first spring concert.

“We’ve done a lot with rap, and I think moving forward we want to mix it up and see what else we can do. Students have responded well to a rock/electronic blend, and that’s exactly what Cherub is. They’re kind of on the upswing right now; a lot of people know their music. I know from friends who have gone to festivals that they’re really fun and really energetic. If there was a time for us to change the genre, then the spring concert is the time to start something new,” Gomez said.

With an exciting show in place, Gomez has worked with the band and the rest of the Student Programming Board to create a show guaranteed to engage the Trinity community.

“They’ve played at a lot of major festivals, I just think a band like that, one that is able to command the stage and get the crowd going, is able to change the genre. We definitely want to make sure we weren’t losing that excitement or fun aspect in students. We wanted something, cool, hip, cutting-edge in a way, but would also be a good concert with someone who would be a good performer,” Gomez said.

The Student Programming Board is also working to ensure that the concert is coupled with other facets of entertainment to ensure every student can find something at the Destress Fest to enjoy, even if the concert isn’t appealing.

“I have mostly been overseeing a lot of the process to make sure that everything is getting done and putting in my opinion and ideas when necessary. I’m really looking forward to the event because it puts together a lot of different event types, such as music, food, animals and inflatable activities, and will hopefully appeal to a lot of students’ varying interests,” said Carolyn Young, a junior biochemistry major and director of Student Programming.

Gomez introduced Young to Cherub’s music, and although she had been previously unfamiliar with the duo, she was in agreement that their musical style would be perfect for the spring show.

“I had never really heard of Cherub before they were brought up when we were discussing who we wanted to bring, but after listening to their music, I really came to find the music fun and relaxing and different than the [hip-hop] artists that we have had in the past couple years,” Young said.

The Student Programming Board has worked to bring a music festival-like environment into Trinity’s backyard with Cherub’s performance.

“Imagine the environment of a music festival with your friends. Student Programming Board is here to provide that experience on campus, and it’s free! There will be live music, free food and t-shirts, inflatables, and a petting zoo. Wrap up your spring semester with a fun concert with an exciting artist,” said Esther Kim, the coordinator for student programs in student involvement.

Trinity’s small campus allows for a close, unique atmosphere of the concert that will guarantee a memorable show.

“Trinity is a unique campus that provides all of these events for free on campus, so make sure you utilize this time to make the most of your college experience,” Kim said.

The Spring Concert will take place on Sunday, May 1 on the Prassel Lawn as part of the annual Destress Fest. The Student Programming Board will provide more information about the concert, including the time, in the near future.