Courts, Fields, Pitches and a Stadium


If you, like me, are not an athlete, going to a Division III university means three things. First, every fifth person you meet is an athlete. Second, you will meet more than one football player who is much smarter than you will ever be. Third, there is an endless amount of free sporting events which you can attend. Unless it’s a playoff game, Trinity students have free access to all meets, games and matches. Take that, Aggies. If you’re a fan of sports and love supporting your fellow students, then going to a Trinity game is a great “” and cheap “” way to spend your time. Here’s a starter guide to Trinity fall sports.

Football in Texas is a big deal, and football here at Trinity is an average deal. There’s about 100 guys on the team, so you’re bound to know at least one of them. Come watch the 20 percent of those 100 guys that actually play during any of their home games located at the football field behind Bell Center. The Trinity football field is not to be confused with the Alamo Stadium across the street. Our football field may be underwhelming in comparison, but the cheers yelled by our boys will warm your heart enough to sit through their cold November games.

After watching a rousing game of American football, be sure to check out the other football. Both the men and women’s soccer teams are defending conference champions. The men even made it as far as the Elite Eight, while the women made it straight into my heart and my videos.

The soccer teams both play on the Paul McGinlay Soccer Field, named after “” you guessed it  “” Paul McGinlay, a Scotsman who is currently coaching his 26th season of Trinity men’s soccer. The field is located at the edge of campus, in the midst of the softball field, the jogging track, Alumni Relations, the intramural field, and two random roads onto which the ball will sometimes get kicked.

You can easily spot the good old Trinity cross country team after practice in Mabee Dining Hall because pf their noticeably short shorts, skinny legs and the blue ice bags taped to their ankles. You can recognize the athletic trainers because their fingers are blue from packing all those ice bags. Cross country season is now up and running, but most of the meets are far away, so you will not catch one any time soon. Practice, however, is located here at Trinity and you cannot miss those skinny little suckers running around all the dang time. when you see them practicing and give a wave, do not be mad when they do not wave back. I do not know if you have ever tried it, but running is hard.

During the current fall season, volleyball is the only indoor sport, so if you are looking to beat the heat, volleyball is your only option. Located in Sams Gym, right by the entrance of the Bell Center, volleyball is definitely the highest jumping sport of the fall. The volleyball girls work their butts off and yet all anyone can talk about is their butts, which, yes

are nice, but let’s focus on the sport itself, which is hard. Honestly, I’d rather run cross country than play volleyball, but when it comes to watching, volleyball is the clear choice. With nonstop action and aces for days, volleyball games are always a riot.

Trinity athletes are compensated not only a few free T-shirts and a billion ice bags. They do not play for money. They do not play for glory, because let’s face it, they do not get much anyway. Passion is what drives Division III athletes. It is therefore only fitting that us non-athletes should maybe have 10 percent passion for our school sports. Go to at least one

game. At the very least, go to and watch the live stream of the game courtesy of the Tiger Network. You will either be entertained or soothed to sleep, which, as an insomniac sports lover myself, sounds like a win-win scenario. Go Tigers!