The definitive Trinity first-year bucket list

The definitive Trinity first-year bucket list

Behind Trinity’s bricks lie interesting activities for all. Every student can carve out their own brick in the wall, but some activities define the Trinity experience:

Take a dip (or be dunked) into Miller Fountain

For what else should a significant body of water be used? Since the primordial ages, Trinity students have dunked each other into the fountain for birthdays at midnight or any time at all; whatever’s most embarrassing is best. From birthdays to bid days, most students have at least dipped a toe into Miller Fountain.

Eat a Midnight Breakfast

Finals can be a stressful time. Between classes’ papers, projects and the finals themselves, it is hard to find the time to calm down. Luckily, Residential Life hosts a Midnight Breakfast during finals week in Mabee Dining Hall every year, where Trinity staff and faculty serve breakfast to the students. A large portion of the campus always participates and it’s a great way to destress on the eve of finals week.

Dance in Momentum

Momentum is Trinity’s year-end dance show. Students of all backgrounds can get involved, not only those with dance experience. There are all sorts of dance routines available for students to participate in, too: Latin, swing, hip-hop and many more genres make a showing each year. If you can’t participate, be sure to catch the show.

Elective classes

Trinity offers a ton of classes that might not fit into your degree or career plans, but are still interesting. During my first year, I took a class on ancient Greek and another in stage lighting. These classes had nothing to do with my major, which is political science, but they were a great change of pace for someone who reads and writes constantly. The variety of classes available is truly astounding, and everyone should take a look through the list of classes every semester to find something different and fun.

Tower Climb

This is something you should be doing as a rite of passage at Trinity. As both a first year and a newly graduated alumnus, you’ll climb Murchison Tower and shake hands with the president; it’s an excellent bookend to your Trinity career.