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Crocs, Chacs or Birkenstocks?

Crocs, Chacs or Birkenstocks?

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” When I slip on my yellow Crocs, I can feel that confidence exuding from each of the little holes on top.

Crocs really took off in elementary schools in 2005. Adults started catching on shortly after, and they have been a hit ever since. The reasons for their long-lasting popularity are obvious: Crocs are versatile, functional and, of course, fashionable.

Crocs come in a variety of shapes and styles for any occasion you can imagine. The Mary Jane style will stay on at any merry-go-round, swing set or sand box. The flip-flop style is great to wear to your child’s sporting events because you can slide them right off and tan your feet while yelling at the refs. The classic style has a handy strap that you can move behind your ankles for more rigorous activities.

No matter what style you choose, Crocs have your back. They are made of a soft foam or rubber material, and you can literally stand all day without discomfort. They could probably even serve as flotation devices. They are waterproof and can be easily wiped clean in case of any spills. Some even have fur to keep your toes warm in the winter months.

Finally, Crocs just look good. You can buy little jewels, which are beautiful and probably real gemstones, to put in Crocs’ holes. Crocs come in any color imaginable, even in camo print so no one can see them and become jealous of you. Birks and Chacos look more or less the same. Coco Chanel, another fashion icon, reminds us: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” When you choose to wear Crocs, you become irreplaceable.


By Grace Frye

Managing Editor

As a proud owner of Chacos and a sick Z-shaped tan since the tender age of seven, my most important memories are anchored by the trusty sport sandals that literally anchor me to the Earth. While my opponents make OK points, a few key features make Chacos the ultimate sandals.

Chacos reign supreme in water. From washing a dog to whitewater rafting, those Z-shaped rock stars keep feet protected and comfortable at all times. Hiking  in a rainforest? Chacos stay firm and keep your feet planted to the ground. Running to class in the rain? No need for expensive rain boots; Chacos are so dependable, they’ll even dry while  you’re in class. The second Mother Nature even considers sprinkling, Birks either hit the closet or face waterlogged decomposition. True Crocs are waterproof, but even the most avid Crocs fan admits you’ll trip yourself without even trying.

Chacos give the owner full control to perfect their fit. Birks offer only a few straps on top of the shoe and Crocs offer zero opportunities to adjust the fit to your feet. Chacos’ OG Z1/Z2 backstrap design ensures you’ll never lose the shoes to poor fit.

If you’re ever worried about the “fashion” of sport sandals, don’t think that the extra expense of Birkenstocks somehow make them fancier. I wore my Chacos to prom and have no regrets; they were comfortable, stylish and they matched my dress. Of course I’m going to dance the night away instead of sitting on the sidelines as stilettos dig into my heels.

Chacos don’t only stand out from the crowd themselves; they make YOU stand out from the crowd. You can’t buy confidence, but you can buy Chacos. They’re pretty much the same thing.


By Alex Uri

News Editor

Birkenstocks, or Birks as I  so lovingly refer to them, are truly the most incredible footwear you could ever put on your feet.

First, they provide unbelievable arch support. Why is arch support important? Your feet go through so much hardship every single day. Think about it: not only do they move you from place to place, but they also move all the extra weight you’re carrying that day. If you’re not supporting your arches, you’re not supporting your body. Chacos, admittedly, give you some amount of support. But they don’t mold to your feet like Birks do. The longer I wear my Birks, the more comfortable they get. The longer I wear my Chacos, the more blisters I get. Crocs are a glorified piece of plastic and therefore provide no support whatsoever. So Birks are clearly the smartest investment.

Second, they honestly go with anything. I’ve worn them with jeans, leggings, dresses and shorts. No one, besides my mom, has ever said anything about me wearing my Birks with any and every outfit. Chacos only really go with outfits that you could go hiking in. They’re essentially hiking boots without any of the protection. Unless you are either under the age of four or you’re gardening, do not ever think Crocs are a good fashion choice.

All in all, Chacos are not the worst shoes in the world. No matter if you like Chacos or Birks, I think everyone can agree that Crocs are the worst.

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