Graphic by Tyler Herron

Sports are full of inspiring moments, but they’re also full of humiliating ones. I know I have some pretty funny stories of my own that involve sports and I figured other people would too. Whether or not they play sports now, played them in the past or simply enjoy them as a spectator, Trinity students have some funny stories, quotes and anecdotes about moments in the game that made them laugh. Here are the highlights.


Aaron Knopp, junior

“In high school, me and my buddy had a joke where whenever someone would cramp up in practice, we would punch it to undo the cramp. During one of our biggest games, I dunked the ball, and as I was dunking, my calf cramped up and the first thing I did was yell his name. He ran off the bench and started punching my calf.”


Blake Lieberman, first year

“I’m a goalkeeper. I’ve had a ball that was shot go over my head, hit the crossbar, hit me in the back of the head and then go in the goal.


Andrew Hoffman, sophomore

“I got hit in the face with a cake by the Houston Rockets’ mascot.”


Trent Locklin, junior

“I was playing basketball with Dean Tuttle. I pick off the pass and drive it to the other side of the court and go in for a layup and he blocks me and I just freak out cause Dean Tuttle’s like 85 million years old. It’s a joke, obviously, “˜cause he’s very fit. Anyway he and I just get into this huge argument about the ethics of basketball. I get an email later that week and he was just like “Dude I’m sorry I took your pride from you.”


Kevin Owens, sophomore

“My high school basketball coach told me “˜if you don’t foul, you don’t foul out.'”


Sierra Spurlock, sophomore

“On senior day, the seniors pick our walk up songs based on inside jokes. Haley Garza, who is now a junior, always gets hit by balls during bullpen or pitching and in practice so her walk up song that day was Hit Me With Your Best Shot. The pitcher, on the first pitch, nailed her.”