Women’s soccer remains undefeated


Photo by Noah Davidson Halleanne Durre and the women’s soccer team continued their undefeated season this past week, and is now at no. 7 in the national rankings. Nither team scoring until 70 minutes in, but the Tigers were able to win in OT.

Trinity women’s soccer has continued their winning streak with a victory at home against the Sewanee Tigers. This win gave the no. 7 nationally-ranked Tigers their fourth win of the season, putting them at a 4-0-0 record for the season.

The first half was scoreless by both teams, and it was not until 70 minutes into the game when senior Brigitte Taylor passed the ball to sophomore Halleanne Dure, who scored the first goal of the game. This marked Dure’s first season goal and Taylor’s second season assist.

The score remained 1-0 until, with only seven minutes left, Sewanee scored, tying the game and forcing the teams to go into extra time.  However, the Tigers did not get discouraged and rallied together to pull through.

“It was disappointing to give up a goal to Sewanee to allow them to tie up the game with only a few minutes left in regulation, especially since we had dominated the majority of the game,” said senior midfielder Yasmeen Farra. “However, I think the team rallied together strongly in the overtime minutes and got the job done. We had full confidence in our ability to win the game, and I thought that translated very well on the field and resulted in our goal.”

In overtime, the women continued fighting to take back the game. At 96 minutes, the game-winning goal was scored by Farra, marking her second goal and first game-winner of the season.  The women walked away with a hard-fought and well-deserved 2-1 victory.

“Although we’d always rather find a way to win in regulation, it was great to see how everyone just kept working in overtime and how we played hard until we scored,” said junior forward Julia Camp.

All season long, the Tigers have relied on their will to win as a mechanism for closing out tough games.

“I truly believe it came down to “˜which team wants it more’ kind of thing. Our team, ten times out of ten, will always be that team, so I’m not surprised we came out with the win. We didn’t just fight for 90 minutes in regulation, we continued to fight during overtime and that definitely made the difference,” said senior defender Jordan Leeper.

Trinity’s goalkeeper junior Kalli Douma made one save in regulation, preventing Sewanee from getting ahead. This marks the second time Trinity women have beaten Sewanee since Sewanee left the SCAC.

This game is the Tiger’s last non-conference game of the regular season.  They plau Austin College this Friday, Sept. 23rd at 4 p.m. at Austin’s field, followed this Sunday, Sept. 25th by another away game against conference team Centenary College of Louisiana. The Trinity Tigers are currently the only women’s soccer team in the SCAC to be undefeated, and the team feels ready going forward into not only conference level games, but games on the national level.

“Being undefeated in our early non-conference competitions is a great validation of all the hard work we have been putting in throughout preseason. It reaffirms our belief in our ability to become the best team in the country, and it will motivate us moving forward to continue to strive for that goal” Farra said. “One more main goal that we always have is to continue to push each other in training and support each other always, because through that hard work and emotional bonds that we form, we believe we will go very far in competition.”

With an undefeated record and a national ranking, that goal is within reach.