For a while, I thought sophomore Emily Reed was twins: one who played basketball and one who played softball. In reality, there’s just one Emily Reed, a twinless sophomore from Flower Mound, Texas.  

“Trinity offered me [the chance to play] both and I get a good education at the same time,” Reed said, “But  it’s  hard because academics are just crazy.”

Reed fell in love with both softball and basketball around age six. “I think I started t-ball first, and then in elementary school, I started YMCA basketball,” Reed said. “If I had to pick, it would still be very hard.”

What’s your favorite part of playing both softball and basketball?

“I think the competitiveness, cause I’m a competitive person, and I feel like playing both especially makes me an even more competitive person. In a sense, softball is more individual than basketball. I like that and I don’t like that. In softball I can step up and do this for my team, but in basketball you have to come together.”

Something fun about the softball team?

“Last year the softball team watched “The Bachelor,” and that was hilarious. There’s always at least a clown or two on each team, like Stephanie Crumrine on the softball team. We just kind of poke fun at her a lot. She just kind of keeps the energy light and makes a lot of jokes “” it’s really fun.”

What about the basketball team?

“We usually have one or two songs for basketball that we play in the locker room, and the song this year is called “We Have Candy” by some random band that one of the girls just showed us one day. And it’s really funny but it also gets you really hype at the same time so we listened to that before our first game last week and it kind of got everybody together.”

Favorite basketball team?

“I like the Spurs, definitely. I like the Lakers because they were my dad’s favorite, and when I was little, we’d always watch them.”

Favorite softball team?

“There’s not many pro teams that I would watch a lot, but whenever USA Softball was on, I would always watch it.”

So do you have a favorite baseball team?

“Oh yeah, I watch the Rangers a lot whenever they’re on.”

What is the hardest part of being a two  sport athlete?

“Definitely time, obviously having to go to practice and everything. Part of it is just the toll it takes, just mentally and physically. I’m just tired all the time. I’ll get back from class and not want to do anything, but I have practice later, so I have to get my homework done.”

Reed, who plays center in basketball and first base and outfield in softball, is ready for her seasons to begin. “I’m just excited for this year,” Reed said. “Hopefully I won’t die.”