Club basketball is here


Logan Simmons talks about the Campus’s addition

Logan Simmons had never played “” or watched “” basketball before he came to Trinity. Today he and several friends are in the process of creating Trinity’s first club team for men’s basketball. This is not too shocking. From a young age, Simmons has had a desire for physical recreation.

“I need to do something, I need to be fit, I need to be healthy and I need some sort of sport,” Simmons said. “I always thought sports were the answer because then I can have exercise and I can have fun.”

From ages six to 10 he did gymnastics, and in recent years, swam and played football. Despite the sophomore’s lifelong interest in sport, basketball never hit his radar until last year.

“Suddenly, I became obsessed with it,” Simmons said. “I can’t explain it.”

Trading apathy for obsession, Simmons watched numerous basketball games and highlights, continuously seeking to learn more about the sport. After falling head first into watching basketball, learning to play was the next step in Simmons’s progression. This next stop was one into which he expended considerable effort.

“I was terrible,” Simmons said. “I loved it so much I wanted to have it as something to work on and have it be a challenge.”

Lacking the ability to make a simple lay up, Simmons took the challenge upon himself to learn the game, taking Cameron Hill’s basketball class. Hill, head coach of the Trinity women’s basketball team, committed to work with the new enthusiast.

“Every single day he gave me drills to do and I kept on working on it,” Simmons said. “I was like, “˜I wanna be way better than I am.'”

From there, Simmons set out to create a club team for men’s basketball, with the goal of eventually playing other college club teams. Despite the relative newness of the team “” they have not even had their first practice “” there is still quite a bit of interest. They currently have 19 members, among which Simmons lists basketball enthusiasts, sophomores, juniors, seniors and choir kids. Members range in skill. Some, like Simmons, had never played before, while others played in middle and high school.

“We wanted to make sure everyone could join,” Simmons said. “If you know what the rules are, you can play.”

Members are allowed to play in intramurals during the duration of their one-year probation before becoming an official club team. Members currently make up two separate IM teams with their goal being to win first and second in the tournament.

In addition to finding someone to coach the team, Simmons’ greatest goal for the burgeoning team is longevity after he and the other founders depart Trinity. He also desires to create a brotherhood among the currently unconnected group of young men who will soon be a part of this new team.

“I always tell the guys on the team, “˜It’ll only be as good as much as you guys put into it,'” Simmons said. “”˜This could be something way bigger than all of us.'”