SGA cuts ribbon on long-awaited B-Cycle initiative


Direcotor of Student Involvement Jamie Thompson participates in B-Cycle ribbon cutting while a B-Cycle representative and Vice President for Finance and Administration Gary Logan look on.

SGA unveiled the B-Cycle station, located in front of McLean residence hall, this past Monday. Student day passes are currently priced at eight dollars per day.
    Brenna Hill, former SGA president, expressed enthusiasm that, after four administrations, the B-Cycle station had finally been unveiled.
    “It was really exciting to see it come to fruition since I know so many SGA presidents have been working on it, and it was really exciting to see so many students so excited to get their free passes for it at the event,” Hill said.
    In his speech during the ribbon cutting ceremony, current SGA President Nick Santulli discussed the benefits of having the station on campus.
     “We’re finally getting the opportunity to dedicate Trinity’s B-Cycle station. I’m excited about these bikes for a number of reasons. They provide a transportation option that’s eco-friendly, health-conscious, and fun. They’ll help burst the infamous Trinity bubble and connect Trinity with San Antonio,” Santulli said.
    Hill described her ideas for the B-Cycle system as being used mainly recreationally, but also as a tool for those students without personal transportation.
    “I think it could definitely help students that don’t have cars, especially international students. We did a survey a couple years ago, and we asked students how they would use the bikes, and it was mostly recreational, you know, going to the Pearl, going to bike the mission, and things like that. I think it’ll be mostly recreational, helping students get out of the Trinity bubble,” Hill said.
    Andrea Lee, a Trinity senior, hopes that the B-Cycle system will eliminate some of the strain placed on students without vehicles and on international students in particular.
    “I think, especially for people that don’t have a car here, it’ll make life a whole lot easier for them. Especially since it’s not that expensive, it’s not nearly as expensive as renting the cars we have here on campus. For international students, especially during breaks, when barely anything on campus is open but international students can’t leave, that will help a lot. That way, when they don’t have any options on campus, they can at least expand outside of walking distance,” Lee said.
    Free day passes will be distributed to students at various SGA sponsored events throughout the semester.
    “SGA purchased five hundred free bike passes and we’re planning on giving all of those out this semester as well as potentially buying more passes in the future. We gave out around twenty at the ribbon cutting ceremony, and we’ll be giving more out at events throughout the semester. We’ll give them out at SGA tabling every other Wednesday during nacho hour, and we’ll distribute passes to incentivize attendance at some of our events. Next week, for instance, we’ll be having a town hall on study abroad, and you can expect to see them there,” Santulli said.
    Lee suggests that campus organizations use the bike system as a group, or offer lessons to those who may not have come to campus knowing how to ride one.
    “I like the idea of having bike riding lessons because I don’t think it’s that uncommon that people can’t ride a bike. I do think that would be really cool, especially since, if you don’t learn how to ride a bike when you’re little, you really don’t have that opportunity unless someone takes the time to do that with you. I also think it would be really cool to use for outings with student organizations if they could get them for a discounted price,” Lee.
    To use the B-Cycle station, download the B-Cycle app from the app store.
    “You can download the B-Cycle app.  As of right now, the student rate is eight dollars a day, but in the future we may be looking into subsidizing that as well,” Santulli said.
    The B-Cycle station represents years of work by SGA and other groups on campus.
     “For me, B-Cycle also has symbolic value. I hope that this station serves as a lasting, physical reminder of student government’s ability to make a positive impact and bring real, concrete change to campus,” Santulli said.
    The station is located outside of the McLean residence hall, near the entrance to campus, and is now open for use.